Winter has set in and every evening soup is on in our home! As I went about making cauliflower soup for this evening’s meal, I was was still wondering what I’d write about here today. And then I realized that I love writing as much I love making soup. The creative process process of writing and soup making are quite similar for me. I decided to share with you what writing and soup making have in common for me.



Stirring Up The Imagination

I’m an intuitive cook – I’ve never had any formal training and I just follow my gut when it comes to putting the soup together. I’ve learned to work with the ingredients I’ve got on hand. But in my mind there’s a particular taste I want the soup to have. The basic ingredients stay the same – a vegetable or a meat stock, but I keep varying the other ingredients. Sometimes I’ll add onions and garlic, other times it’s ginger. Sometimes I’ll put in a couple of basil leaves from my garden for flavour. Other times it’s mint, parsley or celery. Sometimes the stock will be lentils. I keep stirring the pot, tasting and adding the flavours till I think it’s just right. I love sharing what I’ve made – my parents are regular recipients of soup from my kitchen and I’ll almost always call and ask them how they liked it. (If you’re interested here’s a link to one of my soup recipes : Bottle Gourd and Corn Soup )

Can you see the ingredients of a blog post in my soup making process?

  • An idea of what I want it to turn out like – the outline.
  • Following my intuition as to whether I think it might be interesting to others
  • Basic ingredients – good language and easy style
  • Adding ‘flavour’ – personalizing it to make sure it reflects my thoughts
  • Tasting – this involves reading it over and over to see if it is what I want to express and editing it
  • Sharing it
  • Asking for feedback.

Do you have a similar process for writing?

PS: This post first appeared on Write Tribe.



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Today’s prompt is : What is your writing process?