For today’s Gratitude Circle post I’m reviewing a book I read (thanks NetGalley) – The Power of Gratitude.

Book Description

In today’s highly consumerist society, where possessing a killer instinct is considered a great asset, and quarterly growth figures are a measure of a nation’s standing internationally; does gratitude have any place at all?

What is gratitude? Learn how gratitude empowers, how it affects society, its place in religion, and why gratitude is so important.

Gratitude can be learned. Inside are ten steps you can take to incorporate gratitude into your life. Additionally, there are some behaviors to avoid if we truly want to enhance our process of learning gratitude, as well as exercises to really incorporate gratitude into your life.

Read about real-life gratitude stories from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan.

Enjoy the gratitude poems in this book. Use them to increase gratitude in your life, even when you don’t feel grateful.

Practice feeling gratitude . . . practice will . . . reap the physical, mental, and spiritual advantages that naturally flow from the simple act of being grateful.

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The Power of Gratitude

The author, Lamees A‘s response to an interview question about the book on First Edition Design Publishing was interviewed about the book:

What inspired you to write The Power of Gratitude? You dedicated the book to several people in your life. Were these people the inspiration?
The biggest malaise afflicting modern times is that we are made to think that we are some kind of heroic Lone Ranger. We are not. Man is a social animal.

We need symbiotic relationships with one another in order to thrive, and that requires that we be good to each other. Gratitude is what makes human relationships blossom and grow. The people I have dedicated this book to are the ones who I am eternally grateful to—my family, friends, and mentors.

Review  [rating=4]

I enjoyed reading this book because it underlines my views on the power of gratitude. It comes across a well-reasearched book, giving plenty of arguments for gratitude and lots of examples too.

Gratitude empowers, it enables us to understand that life is about moments lived well. Rather than look out for good or bad moments, gratitude teaches us to be grateful for all those moments that make up life. – Lamees A

Well worth a read!
the power of gratitude

Here’s my gratitude list for this month – celebrating the power of gratitude:

  • I’m grateful for the dark days I’ve gone through this month. They helped me to be more real and take stock of my priorities.
  • One thing that’s constant on my list is my gratitude for the love and support from José.  I wish I was better at acknowledging this to him in person though. I can be quite a grumbler and a nag and we do argue, but I’m grateful – always! 🙂
  • All the delightful books I’ve had a chance to read – both non-fiction and fiction. Best of all, lucky me, I get to read most of them for free! 😉
  • Someone  popped out of the blue to ask me a favour this month. As much as it hurt to be taken for granted, it reaffirmed my feelings for a while about her. It helped to underscore my decision not to invest anything more in this relationship. Sometimes we do things for old times sake. Moving on is not easy, but needs to be done so we can create space for better relationships.
  • The support of family demonstrates itself in ways that are difficult to list out, but I’m grateful.
  • Witnessing the strength and faith of cousins who lost their young son in a tragic way. Their stoic acceptance was very inspiring.
  • Readers who with their comments and shares, help me to stay committed to writing this blog. Always grateful!

The power of gratitude – it helps me realize how truly rich I am!


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