A lack of love.
Feeling cut off.
Writer’s block.
Uncreative days.

Empty spaces.

Tempting to fill them with:
Meaningless conversations
Endless internet hours
Longer hours at work
Drowning it in alchohol
Retail therapy.
Hard to trust the empty spaces.
Difficult to believe
That they’re there for a purpose.

Empty spaces.
We need them
To find our deepest desires
To discover our hidden strength
To realize our own beauty
To rekindle our creativity
To allow for grace.
To be.
To create.
Trust the empty spaces.


“And then I have a secret. Did you know what will happen if you eliminate the empty spaces from the universe, eliminate the empty spaces in all the atoms? The universe will become as big as my fist…Similarly, we have a lot of empty spaces in our lives. I call them interstices..I work in empty spaces” ~ Umberto Eco


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