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12 Incredible Traits of the Happiest People

My word for 2017 is ‘Happy’ and though I’ve not written much about it, I’m constantly aware of this. So I was very happy to have Olivia Norton offer to do a guest post on the very subject and the 12 Incredible Traits of the Happiest People.


Happiness is universal. It defines no boundaries, race, culture, age, gender and social status. Although its definition seems so general, not all people have it.

How can you achieve happiness without much effort? Happy people practice certain habits and possess such traits that you can also acquire to find happiness.

12 Incredible Traits of the Happiest People

Below are characteristics of people who find happiness and peace in their lives:

1. They are committed to their goals.

Happiness is not easy to find, however, happy people know how to search for it. They aim high and dream big. They set up goals to make their aspirations happen. After setting up their goals, they find ways to attain it. They never stop pursuing their goals until they achieve it.

2. They let go of bitterness.

Happy people know how to forgive and forget. They never keep grudges because it is a barrier to their happiness. Bitterness absorbs negative emotions such as resentment, anger and pain. Letting go of bitterness means you allow the positive things to come in and the negative things to go.

3. They appreciate the moment.

Happy people would never let the present time just passed. They appreciate each moment because they know how precious time is. They pay attention to every detail and are not in a hurry to just let the day end without doing anything special. Even in bad times, they would face it, no matter how hard it is.

4. They let go of what they can’t control.

Happy people know their boundaries. They focus their efforts only on important things and to those that they can control.

5. They thrive during the hard times.

Happy people don’t give up easily, even in difficult times. They see hardships and failures as a signal to start again. They believe in the saying that “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.”

6. They know how to give more than to take.

Giving for happy people is so natural. They don’t give to get something in return. For them, giving makes them happy as they see other people happy. They don’t expect anything in return when they give.
7. They are thankful. Happy people are grateful for everything they have. They appreciate the little things around them. Grateful people have less stress and are able to cope up with anything. They also possess more positive emotions.

8. They are kind.

Happy people know how to share kindness. They help others, even in simple ways. Sometimes, they even leave themselves just to see other people happy.

9. They cultivate healthy relationships.

They just don’t have a connection. They build strong connections with their loved ones. When they allow others in their lives, they know how to protect, respect and love them. These things make them happy.

10. They nurture their mind and body.

It’s so impossible for someone to be happy when the physical or mental state is not in good condition. This is why happy people possess this trait. They know how to take care of their own mind and body by living a healthy lifestyle.

11. They are happy to be with happy people.

Toxic people can drain your energy. Happy people boost it. If you want to be truly happy, be with people who know how to laugh, joke, smile and appreciate life. When you hang with happy people, you’re more likely to get the same positive vibes that they create.

12. They can withstand discomfort.

Happy people don’t just appreciate the good times. In fact, they face the bad times; even it brings uneasiness and discomfort. They are willing to be there at that moment because they know that soon it would be over.



 Olivia Norton has been writing for over 10 years, specializing on niches, including life, addiction recovery especially about treatment for cocaine addiction and health. Aside from her busy work, she also balances her time between family, business and seeking new adventures. 

Image of happy young women via Shutterstock


  1. Pratikshya Mishra Pratikshya Mishra April 28, 2017

    Happiness is created, true.. Liked reading this.. Some of the things hold true in my life and certain things need to be inculcated consciously.. :)This post makes me retrospect..

  2. Bren Bren April 21, 2017

    Such a happy post, Corinne! I’m usually a very upbeat, chipper person trying to get a laugh out of someone. But most recently, I find myself unable to be that person. I’m sure you know why. You read my post. But, I will get my happy place back and be kicking it before ya know it! Thanks for the smiles!

  3. Shalini R Shalini R April 20, 2017

    I think I am a happy person then 🙂 I loved this post, Corinne. Made me smile as I was nodding throughout the post!

  4. Haralee Haralee April 20, 2017

    As a naturally happy person working to stay that way I do not like to be around downers. I am sorry for their troubles but I don’t participate in their drama or want to hear about it. I understand that some people have to have turmoil and drama round them to feel alive, but leave me out!

  5. Laurie Oien Laurie Oien April 20, 2017

    I like to think that I’m a pretty happy person and like all of these traits. I must admit, should work on bitterness. But, I think that goes hand in hand with #11 Toxic people can drain your energy. Always work in progress.

  6. Ryan Ryan April 20, 2017

    Point number 4 did it for me. Too many times we waste our energy fretting over what others do rather than concentrating on challenging ourselves.

  7. Phaytea Phaytea April 20, 2017

    ‘Thriving during a hard time’ did it for me…it screams GRATITUDE….and that is important for true happiness….

  8. Vishal Bheeroo Vishal Bheeroo April 20, 2017

    Thanks for this post. It made me see happiness in a different light and am learning with such empowering points. As I looked back to issues in my life, I feel that I am on my way to be a happy person:)

  9. Shirley Corder Shirley Corder April 20, 2017

    Hmm. I need to brush up on my happiness skills according to this. 🙂 Thank you. Please keep in touch! Shirley Q is Quest for Quality as you Build a Better Blog. #AtoZchallenge.

  10. Lux G. Lux G. April 20, 2017

    I think it’s safe to say that I am a generally happy person. 😀

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