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3 Great Careers For People Who Want To Do Good In The World

Some people are all about the money when it comes to choosing a career. They don’t mind what they’re doing as long as they’re getting paid well for it, but other people have different priorities. A lot of people find that they’re frustrated with their career because they don’t feel that it’s worthwhile. If you’re just working in an office for a big company, helping to make them money, you might feel like you’re not doing any good in the world. If you dread going to work every day and you feel like you’re not making a positive contribution, you need to start looking for a new career that gives you the opportunity to help people. There are so many important jobs out there that involve helping people in your local community. If you’re fed up with your job and you want to do something more fulfilling, these are some of the best career choices for you.


3 Great Careers For People Who Want To Do Good In The World

The most obvious way to help people is to get into the healthcare industry. Helping out sick people is an incredibly rewarding job and it brings new challenges every single day so you’ll never get bored. If you’re changing career later in life, it may be too late to train as a doctor because going back into education full-time is a big commitment, but there are plenty of other jobs that you could look into. Nursing is one of the best jobs for people that want to help others and, even though you’ll need to get a nursing degree, it’s not going to take anywhere near as long as training to be a doctor. Once you’ve got a nursing degree, there are plenty of different jobs you could do. As well as working on a hospital ward, you could also get into home care or working in a retirement home.

Once you’re qualified as a nurse, there are other directions that you could go in if you specialize. Becoming a family nurse practitioner is a good option for people that like the idea of becoming a doctor but can’t commit to the training. You’ll still have a lot of the responsibilities like carrying out tests, diagnosing patients, and setting up treatment programs so it’s just as rewarding. You can do an online FNP program while you’re still working so you can get qualified without having to go back into full-time education. You could also look into specialized areas of nursing like mental health nursing, for example.


3 Great Careers For People Who Want To Do Good In The World

Mental health nursing is one way to help people that are struggling with their mental health, but you could also consider becoming a counsellor. We’re having a lot more conversations about mental health which means more people are seeking help if they’re having a hard time. That means there is more demand than ever for trained counsellors. It will be your job to talk through issues with people and help them to understand the root causes of their mental health issues so they can move forward and learn to deal with them more effectively in the future. You will need a master’s degree in counseling before you can start practicing but your bachelor’s doesn’t necessarily need to be in a related area. Some programs require a bachelor’s in psychology but not all of them do. Once you are qualified, you can find a position working for another organization but you could also consider setting up your own business.

Social Work

If you’re looking for a position that involves helping those less fortunate than yourself, social work is ideal. There are a lot of people that are in difficult situations and need help on a regular basis and that’s where social workers come in. It will be your job to pay home visits to all sorts of different people in the local community, especially families that are struggling with their children, and offer whatever assistance you can. It’s a very rewarding job because you are able to help people and improve their lives in a very meaningful way, however, it is also a very demanding job. You’ll be exposed to some very difficult situations and there are some people that you won’t be able to help and that can take a big emotional toll on you. Unless you’re able to leave your work at the office and not bring it home with you, you might struggle as a social worker.

Working doesn’t have to be boring and unfulfilling, it can be an opportunity to help others and do some good in the world.

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