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4 Mistakes That Are Killing Engagement On Your Blog

Getting readers to engage with your posts is so important when you’re writing a blog. If people come along and read one post and then never return, you’re not going to build a readership. But if you can start a bit of a dialogue in the comments section or get people to share your posts, that’s when you’ll start to see your subscribers start shooting up. But fostering that engagement can be tough and a lot of bloggers really struggle with it. If you find that your readers aren’t engaging with your posts very much, it might be for one of these reasons.

4 Mistakes That Are Killing Engagement On Your Blog

You Aren’t Posting Regularly Enough

The aim is to get readers that are coming back every day or two to see what new posts are up and get an update on your life. But they’re not going to do that if you’re only putting out posts every now and again. If you want to keep people interested and start a dialogue with them, you need to make sure that there is a constant stream of new content. Ideally, you should be writing every day but that’s not always possible if you’ve got other commitments. Even if you can’t manage it every day, you should be putting out a few posts a week at least. The most important thing is that you have a regular schedule. If you’re just putting posts out at random times, people won’t know when to come back for new content and they’ll get frustrated, but if they know that you post every Monday and Thursday, they’ll visit on those days.

You Aren’t Using Good Photos

People always respond better to visual stimulus, so photos and videos on your posts are absolutely essential. People will switch off if the post is just a block of text and nothing else. Readers are also far more likely to share a post with loads of great photos in it. If you’re just taking pictures on your phone, it might be worth considering investing a proper camera and some photo editing software. It makes so much difference if you can take professional looking photos and videos and add them to your posts.

Your Content Isn’t Relevant To Your Audience

Often, people will come to your blog because they’ve seen you on social media and they think that they might be interested. But then they get there and find that there isn’t really anything for them. This is because you’re marketing yourself to the wrong people. Getting high follower numbers on social media doesn’t guarantee success, it’s more important to get the right people to follow you.

You Aren’t Encouraging Engagement

Sometimes, your readers just need a little push before they engage with your posts. If you’re not asking them to comment and share posts, they’re not likely to. But if you just add a small line at the bottom of the post, they might decide that they want to leave a comment. It’s also essential that you’ve got a share button on every post to make the process easier. If they have to copy the url and craft the post themselves before they can share something, they’re not likely to do it.

If you can fix these problems, you should see a big boost in engagement on your posts in no time.


  1. writershilpa writershilpa February 14, 2019

    I realised that I was making these very mistakes couple years ago, when I was blogging on Feelings. it was a personal blog, more like an online diary.But, ever since I created Metanoia, I have been pretty regular in posting twice a week and engaging with my readers. Sadly, though, the traffic is not as consistent as I am in my blogging! 😛

  2. the bespectacled mother the bespectacled mother February 14, 2019

    Reading this post makes me realize atleast there is something right that I am getting with blogging. It would have been even better if I could reply to all the comments my blog gets.

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