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7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

With its sky-high buildings and layers and layers of luxury, Dubai has earned its reputation for being over-the-top and downright expensive and while that is true for the most part, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your stay here. If you’re visiting, make sure you check out spots to visit and try these 7 free things to do in Dubai.

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

Ride an Abra

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

You can actually take an Abra ride across the creek in Dubai for just 1 dhs, and while that’s not exactly ‘free’ it is so cheap, you could actually consider it free. The creek is the historic heart of Dubai, since it separates the old and new Dubai, and taking a ride in the rickety little wooden boat is just what you need.

Go Car Gazing

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

Visiting car museums may not be on your list on your trip to Dubai because of how expensive the entry tickets can be, but don’t let that stop you from gawking at the most stunning models out there. Just hit ‘The Walk’ at Jumeriah beach where you’ll be able to spot the locals showing off their overpriced cars.

Watch the Dubai Fountain

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

If you’re here in Dubai, you absolutely can’t miss out on visiting the famous dancing fountains of Dubai. This musical attraction is breathtakingly beautiful especially when you watch it during the sunset. It takes place just outside of Dubai Mall and happens for 3-4 minutes every 30 minutes or so.

Enjoy a Movie Under the Stars

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

Oh yes, you read that right. You can actually spend a Sunday evening watching a movie under the stars in Dubai for no cost at all- especially if you like to bring your own popcorn. Just check out the number of free screenings available across different locations, and you’re pretty much sorted.

Hit the Beach

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai has its share of some really good free public beaches for you to hit and enjoy, especially during the evening when the temperature is relatively cooler. JBR is a great choice, and while it does get a teeny bit crowded, you can enjoy some really great views and take a nice long walk there.

Go Bird Watching

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is a home to many paid zoos no doubt, but you can also go bird watching for free if you don’t want to shell out more on this already expensive land. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located at the heart of Dubai creek, has more than 20,000 birds spread over 67 species that you can watch.

Visit the Coffee Museum

7 Free Things to Do in Dubai

Calling all coffee lovers! Yes there’s actually a coffee museum in Dubai that you can check out for free! The place has everything from the history of coffee to a huge collection of artifacts related to coffee, and even a 300-year old coffee pot! The entry may be free but make sure you grab the (paid) cup of coffee before heading out!

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  1. vishalbheeroo vishalbheeroo September 4, 2019

    Dubai is truly on my list and the farther I went was the airport. Next time, I will hop on for two days and try not to miss coffee museum. An interesting list on things to do in Dubai.

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