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How Yoga Can Help you Heal After a Heartbreak

The recent years have bought us several studies and confirmations that yoga has the ability to enrich and improve so many different parts and aspects of our lives. From helping you lose weight and improving your skin tone to keeping you grounded and energetic, yoga can do a lot, and guess what- it can also help you heal from a heartbreak. If that sounds like an exaggeration, we’ll tell you its not!

Read on to know that happens!

How Yoga Can Help you Heal After a Heartbreak

You’ll Find the ‘Calm’

Whether or not you’re going through a breakup, finding the calm and peace in the stressful life that we live today can be difficult, to say the least, and yoga helps you find just that. By simply using your breath, you’ll be able to reach an emotional stage of calm and come out of the state of panic and fear. You’ll notice your inner chatter calming down and you’ll feel more grounded than all over the place.

You’ll Enjoy Being with Yourself

A lot of us tend to take breakups and heartbreaks really hard as opposed to others, and that’s because we tend to define ourselves by other people. We find it really hard to imagine what it is like to be alone, let alone enjoy being alone, and yoga practises can help achieve that as well. If you’re missing the times you spent with that someone, waiting for their texts or just plain sulking, yoga can connect you with the energy you have within yourself, and make you love yourself a bit more, letting you enjoy and appreciate your own company.

You’ll Connect with Yourself

Being in a relationship can be life changing and more often than not, you might lose the ‘me’ in the hope of strengthening the ‘we.’ After a heartbreak, it can be difficult to find the ‘me’ back again, and that’s where yoga comes in. Yoga helps you establish a deep connection with yourself, helps you know yourself better and for a difference, allows you to look inwards!

You’ll Become Mentally Strong

If you find yourself being put down and hampered by the inner voice in you, yoga can help you more than you can imagine, especially when it comes to extinguishing that voice. Practising yoga everyday can help that negative inner voice slow down and change into a more positive, flexible one. You’ll find yourself feeling strong mentally, and you’ll be able to move on in a much gentle, graceful way.

You’ll Grow

Believe it or not, yoga can also help you grow in many ways. Every time you step on the mat and spend some time there, you’ll be a different person by the time you leave the mat. Several studies have found that yoga and deep breathing exercises can help you honor your feelings, be more compassionate and be more kind to yourself and to others around you. It can help you dismiss the feelings of not being good enough, which you’re likely to experience post a heartbreak. You’ll find yourself growing with each passing day.

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  1. Anshu Bhojnagarwala Anshu Bhojnagarwala July 4, 2019

    Corinne, where were you and this post 15 years ago. It would have surely come in handy then!! LOL!!

    But I agree, Yoga improves your relationship with yourself, and once that’s done, you feel calm and happy wherever you are and with yourself.

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