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7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Blogging

When I started a blog at the end of 2007, I didn’t imagine I would be drawn so deeply into another world – a parallel universe of sorts. My reason was simple – I wanted a place to store my thoughts and share them with others. But blogging has a way of pulling you in.  Now I have not one, but three blogs and enjoy writing, playing with designs and interacting via each one with different people. I can sincerely say that I’m passionate about blogging.

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So why would I suggest that someone stop blogging? I’ll make this quick, I promise.

If you’ve taken up to blogging as a way to get famous the easy way, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Serious blogging is a lot of hard work. Also remember, that ‘flavour of the season’ applies to the blog world. Unless you’re willing to keep working at building an authentic network, you can’t stay popular.

Someone who heard that I blog, once asked me, “Can you make money from it?” My answer was, “Yes, you can. But it’s not why I blog.” I have nothing against monetizing blogs – mine is monetized too. However, if you are starting a blog only to make money, don’t.

In India, at least, blogging forums and sponsors give bloggers a lot of freebies, in the hope that their products and services will be talked of. I’m happy to get freebies from time to time, but if you’ve signed up only to get freebies, believe me, this too shall pass! There’ll soon come a time when advertisers look at other media to get their brand publicity.

Again as part of advertising campaigns, blogging forums conduct competitions. The prizes are very generous too. I know of many bloggers who are truly talented and I’m happy when they win these competitions. However, if someone, starts blogging to only to win competitions, then I start to wonder how much they really love writing, even if they are super talented.

If you don’t like sharing or interacting with people, then please don’t blog.

In these six years of blogging, I’ve experienced the generosity of so many other bloggers – generosity in their comments, a willingness to share information and even walk me through resolving technical glitches. If you don’t like sharing your experience and knowledge, I’d suggest you stop blogging.

I’m laughing as I’m writing this, but I know of several bloggers who don’t like to read – either books or other blogs.  How can you want to write if you don’t love words? So, if you’re not a reader, please, please, don’t blog.

If you are blogging for the right reasons, here is some recommended reading for you today: 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging from Vidya Sury.


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  1. Subha Rajagopal Subha Rajagopal July 26, 2016

    Great advice Corinne!.I read Vidya’s post too.Both together look like the Bible for Blogging.Have been blogging for few months now.These articles give a nice perspective of the do’s and dont’s in blogging.Thanks.

  2. Pratibha Pratibha May 28, 2014

    I agree with everything that you say and this is a brilliant post. Like the freebies thing, honestly I used to be totally kicked about it when I would get free stuff and its been almost a year and a half since I stopped accepting anything and I am surprised how people react, with “Its free, you really don’t want it” statements.
    I love my blog and the work I put into it and needless to say when it gets appreciated, I know I am in the right place 🙂

  3. […] written a post called 7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Blogging and read and agreed with the 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging. However, when Fabida,  who writes […]

  4. Proactive Indian Proactive Indian September 13, 2013

    Good to read this educative post from a veteran blogger!
    Not only blogging, any activity must be done only for the right reasons. (One person’s right reasons could vary from activity to activity. Different persons could have different sets of right reasons for the same activity.)
    Any activity needs hard work. If I enjoy that hard work, it means I’m in the right activity!

  5. Rayla Noel Rayla Noel September 10, 2013

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy agree and what a fabulous post here, thank you so much for the share – am a reader though, more than a writer of blogs 🙂 and truly get this. Its wholesome world to just lean in on anothers’ sill, inhale. Love blogging that gets this home so rich and quick. But when the thing happens, the urge to write, I cannot also read. Had to be two separate events. Like Lunch and dinner. Which is which dont ask, how’d I know. Die without either I guess…Commenting isn’t easy always, or replying to one. Unsure why. Takes a while…

  6. Galen Pearl Galen Pearl September 10, 2013

    So true–everything you said. I was very surprised when I started making connections online. When I started blogging, I didn’t even know what a blog was and couldn’t believe that people I didn’t know would read my blog! You and Vidya are both great models of the best of blogging.

  7. Sheela Sheela September 10, 2013

    Absolutely Corinne… and you are the perfect example…thanks for sharing knowledge.
    Blogging has helped me to learn a lot…and I want to be a life long learner

  8. Vishnu Vishnu September 9, 2013

    Thanks Corinne. Enjoyed reading your post and Vidya’s as well. I think one of the reasons you’re successful with building up a community and blogging, is you’ve got a pretty good handle for having the right reasons to blog. You read, write well, share your insights a lot and interact with all of your readers 🙂

    I’ve been blogging over a year and continue to enjoy this journey – the connections, relationships, advice from other bloggers and being able to share with others makes it all worthwhile.

  9. Antionette Blake Antionette Blake September 9, 2013

    Wow – 6 years of blogging – what an accomplishment. I tell people the same thing about blogging, don’t go into it just to make money. I am now following you, have a peaceful week.

  10. Swati Nitin Gupta Swati Nitin Gupta September 9, 2013

    Perfect reasons for one to stop blogging. When I had started blogging seven years back I wanted to have a platform where I could share all my thoughts and opinion about the art, theatre, music and all the social causes close to my heart. Over the years blogging has come long a way and become a powerful tool to create awareness and revolutionise the world.

  11. Lisa Lisa September 9, 2013

    Love your reasons Corinne! It’s so true, it is a lot of heard work, sweat and sometimes tears to have a great blog. It takes time and patience to make money as well. You MUST LOVE it to continue.

  12. Smitha Smitha September 9, 2013

    Couldn’t agree more with what you have said. Agree with every single point.

  13. Jeev Jeev September 9, 2013

    Hey Corinne,

    It’s never easy to quit blogging. I agree that blogging has a way to pull us in. Look at me, I tried to quit, and here I am, back to blogging in less than a year (I tried to stop myself from starting again, but whatever, I like blogging anyways, why shouldn’t do it?)

    I do agree with your 7 reasons, but I also think that blogging can change a person. Blogging has the ability to encourage people to start reading, start sharing and so forth. Perhaps?

    Sure, if you are not a reader when you start blogging, you will have difficulties. But, if you are able to survive, then it means you improved, you started reading more 😀

    • Jeevan Jacob John Jeevan Jacob John September 9, 2013

      I am not sure how it happened. Seems like my name got cut off. Can you fix that Corinne? Thanks!

  14. Jody Branch Jody Branch September 8, 2013

    I started our blog this winter as a way to get our travel memories recorded so we could reminisce in the future and so could our kids. I love reading about other peoples’s travel experiences! So i thought i would give it a go. I’ve found building our blog to be a lot more work than I expected. 😉 But I love writing it and going through our photos and remembering little bits of information or things that happened or were said. It’s a great way to record our experiences!

  15. Leah Leah September 8, 2013

    Hi Corinne! I started blogging in 2010 because I had something to say. I’ve always had something to say. Don’t we all? I will never be the type of blogger who will try to find popular and trendy topics to get my numbers up. I write what I write…straight from the heart. Take it or leave it. LOL! This was a good thought provoking post Corinne. I’m glad you found your passion because you’re good at it!
    Big hugs!

  16. usha menon usha menon September 8, 2013

    Corinne your post is very insightful. Unless we are passionate about reading and writing, we should not carry on with blogging.

  17. Rum Punch Drunk Rum Punch Drunk September 8, 2013

    It’s just so true. I love to interact with people whilst blogging away, and I’ve met some very good cyber friends through this. It’s a great way to spend you time and a great way to find out new and current information.

  18. Belly bytes Belly bytes September 8, 2013

    Thanks for reminding me why I blog.

  19. Sulekha Sulekha September 8, 2013

    Your post should be included in teaching ethics of blogging to newcomers in this field. Brilliant points, spot on.

  20. Rachna Rachna September 8, 2013

    Agree with all the points. They make sense. They form a good checklist for all bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Roshni Roshni September 8, 2013

    I must say that I agree with each and every point that you made. One cannot blog if one does not feel true passion in it.

  22. Shiva Shiva September 8, 2013

    Yippee Dooo … When I started reading, my heart was in my mouth ..I was dreading that the on the next point I will find my reason not to blog ..But I passed with flying colours … None of the above points apply to me wanting to blog that tells me I am here to stay and I am happy 🙂
    Corrine I love your insights ..they are so deep, tried and tested … Thank you for encouraging so many of us to Blog …

  23. Suzy Suzy September 8, 2013

    Very well said Corinne. Anything one does, one should do with passion and that should be the only reason to do that thing.

  24. My Inner Chick My Inner Chick September 8, 2013

    —Great Tips, Corinne.

    A famous writer once said: “There are 3 ways to write well. READ. READ. READ.”

    I believe this is true. How can one become a writer without reading? Impossible.

    I started blogging as a way to mourn, scream, and pour my heart out. If somebody read my words, that was only a bonus.

    I agree. If the writer is authentic, she will acquire readers. Period.


  25. vishalbheeroo vishalbheeroo September 8, 2013

    Words of wisdom, Corinne. I view blog/writing as passion as an antidote to journalism which cannot be substituted by money. Thanks for encouraging us to write and I am already missing the FESTIVAL:(

  26. Meena Menon Meena Menon September 8, 2013

    For Blogging – writing is beyond all the money, popularity, politics(!) at the end of the day…

  27. jini Maxin jini Maxin September 7, 2013

    Well said, I believe people who are crazy about reading and writing, blog. The blog word provides them a ready made platform to exercise their talent…be it inbuilt or acquired. Interacting with fellow bloggers is just an extension of this exercise. They keep you pumped up and all. And yes, blogging is all about hardwork…in fact I’d like to confess that my office work has taken a backseat because of blogging. Hmm…I need balance…I know

  28. Kajal Kajal September 7, 2013

    Thanks for this post, Corinne.

    When I started I had a lot of these doubts…I’m learning! Thanks to you <3

  29. C. Suresh C. Suresh September 7, 2013

    Hear! Hear! Corinne – I said a lot of what you just said in that interview that Rahul Miglani carried in Blogger Interviews 🙂

  30. Kalpana Solsi Kalpana Solsi September 7, 2013

    I have just started to blog Feb’13 and am loving it, not only writing but reading ,reading and reading. Earlier I didn’t comment but started to do so. I cannot imagine a life of not reading others writings, books mags etc. By reading extensively one learns and unlearns the fine art of writing , writing without faking. Maybe after sometime(I do not know when) I will take a break from writing and just read. A timely post from you Corinne and thanks for it.

  31. Shilpa Garg Shilpa Garg September 7, 2013

    You are bang on, Corinne. I guess, this must be read by people who are currently blogging to revisit their goals and introspect. And also the newbies so that they get it right the first time.

  32. Aditi Aditi September 7, 2013

    Absolutely bang on there!! I can’t imagine people who don’t read blog! Monetary add ons and freebies are welcome but that’s not the prime reason one should blog. Brilliant post to end the 7 day series Corinne!

  33. Cathy Graham Cathy Graham September 7, 2013

    So well said, Corinne and so true. Like writing in general, there is no quick and easy scheme to fame and fortune. If you’re blogging for those reasons, don’t bother. You have to love the whole creative process and interacting with other writers. That’s what it’s all about!

  34. sandra tyler sandra tyler September 7, 2013

    phew….I thought you were abandoning us to rot alone without you in the blogging world! I got teary…

  35. Rekha Rekha September 7, 2013

    Another best one for the day after the 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging. Sharing I believe is the mantra for blogging. Thank you for this wonderful piece and once again thank you for the wonderful opportunity of interacting with so many bloggers in such a short time. 🙂

  36. Kathy Kathy September 7, 2013

    You hit the nail on the head Corinne. The first thing anyone worries about is how much money a person makes blogging…really. Blogging isn’t about money. It is about passion and creativity and interaction and community. It has absolutely nothing to do with money. Anybody who tries to tell you that you can get rich blogging is pulling your chain. I blog because I like to write. I like to exhaust that creative streak in my soul, actually need to. It is fun. It is for pure pleasure. It has never been about money. Brilliantly articulated my friend!

  37. Vidya Sury Vidya Sury September 7, 2013

    Very well said, Corinne! In fact, I’ve had people email me asking for blogging advice and when I ask them what they want to know, the questions center around whether it is hard work (duh!), whether they can make money and how much – and all sorts of momentary pleasure-type things. I take great pleasure in telling them that until I truly networked and put in a heck of a lot of hard work I never got any comments. However, that did not deter me from blogging – I blog because I love it. The main reward is when people email or comment and say what I wrote helped them take positive action.

    Again, very well expressed – 7 reasons not to blog. :). I know I am going to miss this lovely 7-day festival and have a hangover. I will cure it by blogging 😀

  38. Richa Singh Richa Singh September 7, 2013

    I thought this will be a fun post when I read the title. But this one has turned out be another gospel truth from you. I for one feel very strongly about all the points. I have nothing against people who don’t read and blog, but somewhere I cannot imagine it. I feel I should not say this often, people might suspect me of being judgmental, but then I don’t get it like logically…

    Corinne an amazing post 🙂

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