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Does Your Blog Have A Creative Message?

Believe it or not, but creativity doesn’t come naturally to all of us. If you’re low in agreeableness and high in conscientiousness you’re more likely to be creative in a way that is more philosophical and has a need to challenge but also respect fundamentals. If you’re the opposite, you’re much more likely to be creative just for the sake of being creative. It’s harder to be the first kind of person that it is the latter. It’s the struggle that many people go through and for a blogger, this comes out in the form of hitting into writer’s block. But what if you had a creative message, one that was consistent and gave you a lifeline to hold onto when the waves got a bit choppy in the blogosphere? What is a creative message in the first place? It’s something that pertains to a brand, that is top-down and seeks to implement strategies designed to work together with your business manifesto. In layman’s terms, creative ways of expressing your business goals and ambitions. Does your blog have a creative message?

Have A Personality

This may seem obvious but it needs to be hammered home. As a blogger the main selling point of your blog is its uniqueness. Even if the design is truly one of a kind, it doesn’t matter if you’re writing is not honest. Don’t make an effort to walk across a tightrope and try to please everyone. Be honest and when you review products and services, do so as you would for a family member or friend. Give your honest unabated opinion and state both the good and bad. It’s understandable that sometimes you may want to be neutral for fear of not being contacted by a sponsor or company again because you gave them a review that wasn’t favorable, but they are not your main income source. In truth, it’s the readers that keep coming back for your honesty that will always give you the ability to earn money from your blog. Advertisers will want to maintain a healthy relationship with you if your reader count is consistently high anyway.

Developing A Strategy

Creativity is not a relentless ball of energy, that kind of flame will eventually burn out if you let it. You may have lots of ideas right now, but think ahead a few years into the future, will you always have these kinds of brainstorms about what kind of post you want to make? In the imc online course, you are shown how to develop a strategy, employ critical thinking and really hone in on what creative ideas must consist of. The main goal is to build a creative continuity in your brand, something that is tangible and stable. Learning how to position a product against competitors, comparing and contrasting, you’ll learn how to spot differences right away. What matters most is your strategic take on the products as you’re trying to uphold a standard for your blog, which is why a creative message is so crucial to the development of your blog.

Does Your Blog Have
A Creative Message?

Corporations are constantly racking their brains, paying marketing teams obscene amounts of money to come up with and revitalize their creative message. Developing positions and standards so that creativity can continually flourish. You can learn how to do this for your own blog and maintain a consistent strategy.

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  1. Vishal Bheeroo Vishal Bheeroo August 21, 2018

    An interesting message and discussion on the ways the market works. While the personal blog doesn’t have a personal message as such, I try doing that through some posts reflecting my view. I believe my USP is the online space’s personality which is an extension of my own self, reason why I don’t believe in a specific topic. I’d call my blog very generic. As usual, an interesting topic that many bloggers interested to make money and pitch a strong brand can learn from.

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