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Dream on

Every day is an opportunity to dream…..Sometimes, I think, that we don’t dream enough. We get so busy trying to get through the day that we forget to dream! And yet, I believe that we are born to dream.

Look at the world around and you’ll realise that all created things are products of someone’s dream. If their creators had forgotten to dream, you and I would not be enjoying the many blessings of modern technology. And deeper still, I believe that you and I are the Creator’s dream – He dreamed us into being.

Now, it’s our turn to dream big dreams and so continue the work of creation – making the world a happier and kinder place.

May you be inspired – every day!


  1. Inspiring Citizen Rafi Inspiring Citizen Rafi January 30, 2013

    A beautiful post on the same day when I dreamed about going on a cruise with my wife and baby..I have started dreaming more..And one day I will be a world famous personality..

  2. Indyeah Indyeah February 27, 2009

    Thank you Corinne((hugs))I love coming to read your posts.They are balm for my soul at times:)LoveIndyeah:)

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