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Employee Appreciation Gift Suggestions For 2019

Your employees deserve as much recognition as you can give them. They work hard every single day and you need to consider what would work best for them when it comes to rewarding their efforts. From something on the desk at work like a personalised photo frame, to a hamper selection made with luxury chocolates or cheeses, employees love to know that their work is being appreciated.

So, if you want to show your employees that you are excited about their efforts and how well they are working, then you need the best gifts possible. Your appreciation can make a huge difference to the way that your employees work, and with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the employee appreciation gift suggestions that will make their 2019!

Employee Appreciation Gift Suggestions For 2019
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Employee Appreciation Gift Suggestions For 2019

Goody Bags

You can put together an ideal goody bag for each member of staff with something sweet, savoury, some company merchandise and a card of thanks can be a wonderful goody bag for each employee. You can add something personalised to make it individual, and your staff will be so appreciative!

Show Tickets

You don’t need to spend much, but for the top performers, Dear Evan Hansen tickets won’t go amiss! Show tickets can be a great way to show your staff how appreciative you are. Gift two tickets so that they can bring someone along.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is one activity that most people enjoy, and why not? Cake, sandwiches, beautiful locations and delicious tea to set the whole thing off beautifully. Check around in your workplace, though, as afternoon tea may suit some and not others.  It’s not all about the fact it’s tea, but the time spent together while you do it. 

Alcohol-Free Treats

Not everyone likes a tipple at Christmas time, so finding gifts that are alcohol-free are a must. You have to appeal to everyone, so knowing your audience is so important.

Something For The Car

If your staff have a company car, you can gift an accessory for it, from the fluffy dice to the personalised number plates. Take the time to tailor to your audience – you need to decide what you are giving to your drivers. Personalised number plates are an extravagant gift but they’re a sure-fire way to make your staff feel appreciated. 

Cash Money

There is no better gift for your staff than money. Bonuses are always wanted, and extra cash means that they can spend the money on something that they’d like rather than gift something they may not use or want. 

Employee gifts should mean something. They are a reward for a lot of hard work by other people to keep your company ticking along as best it can. The more you give back, the happier your employees will be. They’ll be more productive and work harder if they know you appreciate them for all that they do.


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