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The End


How she laughed looking at that picture! How silly he looked in that white suit with a big yellow bow tie! If anything, the picture went to prove how mismatched they had been. She would never have condescended to stand next to him, if he wore such an outfit! To think that she had wasted time and tears over this odious man! What had he hoped to achieve by sending it to her? Was it proof that he was happily married now? What did she care, anyway. She herself was married for over a year now and well over him for the last four.


The End is written in response to a prompt from a Facebook Writing Group called GBE2. Here’s what the prompt read:
We’d like you to write the ending of a fictional story, but NOT the beginning or the middle. Jump in to your piece somewhere right near where everything gets wrapped up and then take us to the end.

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  1. Kathy Kathy November 8, 2013

    I love how you brilliantly marked the end of their relationship! They had both moved on with their lives and perhaps sending the picture was his way of saying…”Look! I am over you finally! ” Loved your little story. ♥

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