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Top Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Essential oils are great to keep on hand for so many reasons. For tending to a minor cut or scrape, helping with seasonal allergies, and even with pain relief. They have been known to be very useful in the management of chronic pain and minor aches and pains you get randomly.

Top Essential Oils for Pain Relief

When it comes to pain relief, essential oils can offer a natural pain relief, without those nasty side effects from medicines you might take. There are so many essential oils to choose from, how do you know what works for pain relief? I am here to help with a list of essential oils that offer a natural pain-relieving soothing property to help bring you relief from your aches and pains.

Essential Oils for Pain Relief

How to Use Essential Oils for Pain Relief

You can find a ton of essential oils for pain relief and inflammation. Essential oils that act as a analgesics means it will help relieve pain. An anti-inflammatory is great for helping reduce any inflammation and treating pain for arthritic and rheumatic conditions. You can also use essential oils to help relax and calm your muscles. Below are a variety of ways to use these top oils below to help with pain relief.

Massage| Mix your essential oil or oils if you want to mix with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, or jojoba oil. Then massage into the area that you find you have a lot of pain.

Bath Soak| Relieving tired and achy muscles is a good reason to run a hot bath with some essential oils and soak. Just put a few drops of essential oil in the bath, and add a cup of Epsom salt to enhance the effect. I do recommend mixing your essential oils with a carrier oil before adding it in, so it isn’t too harsh on your skin.

Inhaling| Take your essential oil of choice mixed with a carrier oil and rub in between your hands and then inhale it. This is great for a headache or sinus pain you might experience.

Hot or Cold Compress| Take some hot water and add in a few drops of your essential oil. Soak a small towel and squeeze out the excess water. Then place on the troubled area. For a cold compress, it is the same except using cold water instead of hot. Rotate between hot and cold compress to help alleviate the pain.

What Are The Best Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Essential oils can be very potent on their own. Therefore, you should never apply them to your skin alone, always mix with a carrier oil. Generally, you want to use around 4-5 drops of essential oil for every tablespoon of carrier oil. You can mix different essential oils together as long as you keep to the proportions.


Wintergreen essential oil offers a cooling effect when applied. It is great for sports injuries, arthritis, muscle aches, lower back pain and more. It helps reduce any inflammation and offers great pain-relieving properties, similar to aspirin. Wintergreen is known to cool down the irritation and help promote blood flow in the area that it is applied, which is very soothing.

Essential Oils for Pain Relief


This is a warming oil, so when applied you might feel a warming sensation. It is a bit strong on the scent, so make sure to dilute with a carrier oil when you apply to your skin. Great pain relief as it offers anti-inflammatory properties. Great for muscle injuries, sinus congestion, nerve related pain and more. You can even inhale eucalyptus for relief as well as applying to the troubled area.


This is one powerful essential oil. It is great for anyone who has inflammation, pains in joints or tendons or even suffers from arthritis. It helps prevent the breakdown of the cartilage tissue and reduces any inflammation you might have.


Offers an analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are great for chronic pain relief. Helps reduce muscle pain and spasms you may experience. Just massage into the skin on the area you have trouble with to help support blood circulation and reduce the pain.


This is one of the most popular and well-known essential oils for pain relief. It has been used for centuries to help with headaches, stress, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, and more. It even offers a soothing effect to help you sleep. Lavender oil offers analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which are key to helping soothe tired and achy muscles. Just apply to skin or inhale for pain relief.


A natural remedy to help with arthritis, back pain, muscular aches, relieves headaches and more.  Peppermint oil has antispasmodic properties that make it a great pain reliever. For a headache apply to your forehead, behind ears and neck every 15 minutes until you get relief. For arthritis or muscular aches, apply to the area you are having trouble with. It will offer a cooling sensation to the skin.


Backaches, muscle pain, or inflammation of joints, are your main complaint? Thyme essential oil can help bring you that much-needed relief from chronic or acute pain. It is an anti-inflammatory that helps to relieve and suppress the pain you feel.

You can find so many more essential oils out there to help with pain, these are just my top picks. Make sure to try them out and see what you find the most relief with!



  1. Shilpa Garg Shilpa Garg July 27, 2018

    Interesting and informative post. Have never used essential oils for pain relief. Will check them out. Lavender and Eucalyptus appeal to me!

  2. Sonia Chatterjee Sonia Chatterjee July 26, 2018

    Very informative. I only knew about Eucalyptus oil out of all these.

  3. Mahati ramya adivishnu Mahati ramya adivishnu July 26, 2018

    Very informative Corinne. I want to try essential oils. This article is helpful in choosing the suitable one for me.

  4. Suzy Suzy July 25, 2018

    Eucalyptus is very effective. I use that regularly and Lavender does help me sleep. Nice informative post.

  5. Ramya Abhinand Ramya Abhinand July 25, 2018

    Essential oils indeed work and come with numerous benefits. A friend of mine, works with these and had earlier prescribed for my migranes. It worked wonders.

  6. Sapna Sapna July 24, 2018

    Wow corinne. . . . Very informative

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