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Ease Your Work Days: Great Apps and Gadgets That Can Tame Your Daily Grind

If you travel to work by bus or train, the commute can be long and boring if you’re traveling alone. Do not despair, there is a wide range of gadgets and apps for your mobile device that can make your daily commute easier, no matter how long it takes you to reach your destination.

Ease Your Work Days: Great Apps and Gadgets That Can Tame Your Daily Grind

Check The Weather

It’s always a good idea to know what your local weather is going to be like throughout the day. Weather Live Free from Apalon apps will keep you ahead of the game with its hour forecast, weather radar and rain maps, so you won’t get caught in a storm. It will also tell you the temperature, wind chill, humidity and pollen count for the day.

Plan Your Day

Use your commute time wisely to plan your schedule for the day. Jorte Calendar and Organizer enables you to manage your day completely. You can plan daily events, set alerts and reminders, input diary tasks, sync with Evernote and the cloud, display lunar calendars, sync your events in Yahoo Calendar and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and see or hide completed appointments.  By the time you get to work, you’ll have everything in hand.

Don’t Miss Your Stop

It’s been a long day and you find yourself nodding off on your way home, don’t be caught out and miss your stop. The Citymapper app allows you to set notifications for when you’re supposed to get off. It will also live-track your journey’s progress so you’ll always know exactly where you are. This is an essential commute companion.

Catch Up On The News

If you’re always in a mad rush to get ready in the morning and don’t have time to watch the news, you can catch up with current affairs while you’re traveling to work. WatchUp lets you customize your own personal newscast so you get to see the issues you’re interested in. You can choose from a selection of news channels including CNN, CBS News  Fox Business, Euronews, Skye News, BBC News, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Vox, Bloomberg and many local stations.

Listen to Tunes

Sit back and relax while listening to your favorite tunes with Tidal. This app gives you free access to over 75,000 music videos, more than 25 million songs, and no annoying ads. You can stream your favorite music and listen to stories about musical artists from behind the scenes while you travel to and from work.

Get Your Zen On

Restore your inner peace while you commute with Headspace the app that allows you to meditate wherever you are. The app lets you meditate in ten-minute sessions and shows you how to learn mindfulness techniques and train your mind to have a happier and healthier life. With just ten minutes a day you’ll soon feel like a completely new person. If you enjoy it, you can subscribe to get access to hundreds of hours of original meditations.

Don’t just sit there wishing you were at home in bed. Make the most of your commute time by doing something fun and productive.



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  1. Darla M Sands Darla M Sands April 7, 2017

    I’m happy to say I don’t have a smart phone. Then again, I don’t need one, being retired. ~grin~ Be well!

  2. Vasantha Vivek Vasantha Vivek April 7, 2017

    Thanks for sharing this post, Corinne. A much needed for me today. I also have started to use my mobile for reminding me to be mindful.

  3. Amrita Amrita April 7, 2017

    Would you believe I used to catch up on reading when I commuted .It was the most uninterrupted time for reading fun ever.Will check out the mindfulness app though .Sounds useful

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