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I Am Not Tired #MicroblogMondays #WriteMyCommunity

I am tired…
of writing what I think you would like to read
of reading the ‘top blogs’
and being told what I must do to be a successful blogger
of attempting to keep up with the blogging Joneses
of blogging competitions
of reading about products the blogger never uses but raves about
of blogging forums that don’t believe in transparency
of book reviews that are fraudulent….
of bloggers perpetually complaining of writer’s block
of writers not caring to edit
of blatant imitations without a by-your-leave
of the sense of entitlement
of not giving credit where it is due…..

I am not tired

I am NOT tired
of writing my heart out
of sharing the work of my fellow bloggers
of reviewing great books
of the sense of freedom I enjoy
of being part of some amazing blogging communities 
of connecting with brilliant bloggers and writers
of encountering great human beings
I am not tired of blogging
And don’t think I ever will be.

Today, October 20, is National Day on Writing.
The focus of this year’s celebration is community #WriteMyCommunity. I decided to write about my virtual community – the community of bloggers. Thanks, Vidya Sury for letting me know about this.

The blogging community is made of all types of people – a real microcosm of the world. Though there are times that I’m somewhat sad and cynical about what goes on, I appreciate the positives that have far outweighed the negatives for me in the 7 years I’ve been blogging!

Long live the blogging community!


31 days of inspiration

I’m linking into Stirrup Queens’ #MicroblogMondays 8

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