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Jumping In

I’ve been reflecting on my own behavior and temperament as I am prone to do. I think I learned something about myself today – but still have to analyse it some more.  However, I wanted to share it with you.

The first time I entered a swimming pool was when I was about five years old. Did I jump in? No. I was pushed in by a well-meaning lady who thought I should learn to swim. I sank to the bottom of the pool. I had the presence of mind to sit on the floor of the pool holding my nose so that the water didn’t get in. My Dad who was swimming close by dived in and brought me out. I suppose it could have been much more dangerous than it turned out. However, it left with me with no fear of water. I love the water and can play around in the pool for hours. However, I haven’t learned to swim yet!

I makes me begin to think that perhaps I’m basically a drifter. I do try to attempt new things – sometimes I’m pushed in to them, other times I jump in to them with a great deal of excitement. Take blogging for example, I jumped in on my own, and have been floating around for four years, but I’m wondering whether I will ever learn to really swim. In other words, do I have what it takes to make this blog something outstanding?  Let me rephrase that, do I really want to make this blog outstanding. At this point, I really don’t have a concrete answer.

While on vacation recently, my nephew was generous enough to give  me some time on their tablet to play Angry Birds.  He’s eleven and totally hooked on to the game. I tried it and was so enjoying playing around with the birds that I wasn’t really focusing on the pigs. My nephew kept telling me that the objective was to kill the pigs!  When I told him that I didn’t care and was just having fun, he thought I was mad.

Again, I ask myself: do I play a game to win? Almost never. I play for the fun of it. The winning is just the icing on the cake.

So maybe I’m not really a competitive person at all. Is that a bad thing, I wonder? I’m not even sure.

All I’m sure of is that I’m enjoying writing, connecting and playing around with this blog. Today I’m jumping in to this:

A post every day for the month of June. Sometimes I’ll follow the prompts, and sometimes I won’t. But I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it.

Are you competitive? Or do you ‘play the game’ just for the joy of it?

May you be inspired – every day!

PS: You may have noticed that I have changed my commenting system to livefyre. I am allowing guest comments, but would really suggest that you sign up for an account too. It’s really cool.


  1. krrobi krrobi June 4, 2012

    –So glad you are blogging and sharing yourself w/ us, Corinne!  You have LOTS to say…
    Are you competitive, you asked.
    Yes, in some ways…for example, in college, I had to be the first one done w/ my writing assignments & essays!  Xx Kiss

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 13, 2012

       @krrobi Thanks, Kim – you’re always so sweet and encouraging. I’m sure you did a great job with your assignments. You write so effortlessly.

  2. Dawn Storey Dawn Storey June 2, 2012

    Welcome to NaBloPoMo! Glad you signed up – I’ve been doing it all of 2012 so far, and have found it to be a really rewarding exercise.
    I don’t know that I’m particularly competitive, but I do tend to be a perfectionist. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes I don’t play to win OR for the fun of it – I don’t play at all because I can’t make it perfect! I’m trying to get over that. My silly June creativity project should help. *grin*
    I’ll have to check out livefyre. I’ve seen it used on several sites and have considered setting it up on mine, but never got around to it.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 13, 2012

      Yes, you were a big inspiration dawnstorey .  I know the problem that perfectionists have and I’m so glad I’m not one. Would love to know how you’re liking livefyre?

  3. Beth Beth June 2, 2012

    I play for fun. Mostly. Really, who doesn’t have just a teensy bit more fun when they win?

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 13, 2012

      I do agree with you there, Beth. But I really don’t try too hard! 

  4. Amy Amy June 2, 2012

    yes, I am competitive and a bit of a perfectionist. I’d like to think that I’ve been a good sport about it, but not so much when I was younger… a lot of that changed after I got sober. I started asking myself, how important is it? .
    I am not exactly sure which direction I want to take my blog for now I’m enjoying it one day at a time. I’m putting pressure on myself one way or the other. I’m having fun, enjoying interacting with other bloggers and learning a few things in the process.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

      Thank you for sharing so authentically as you always do, Amy. I think our experiences, especially the painful ones, teach us to be more easy-going on ourselves. Half the fun of blogging is the interaction with others, the sharing of ideas and the learning. I’m glad you’re enjoying it as I am. 

  5. RituLalit RituLalit June 2, 2012

    Its the same thing everywhere … I look at these young people who come for interviews for jobs, they have goals, they have a time frame, they know what they are going to be five years hence ….  Heck I live life here and now.  I certainly dont know where I will be five years hence.  I live life for the moment and enjoy living it.  This obsession with winning takes the fun out of everything.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @RituLalit I think this generation is far more ambitious than we were, Ritu. However, I guess there’s so much more competition and pressure. 

  6. Irene9583 Irene9583 June 2, 2012

    I was pushed to compete as a child. I was pushed to be at the top of my class. I was pushed for excellence. But I got tired of being pushed and I got tired of competing, because it was too stressful and I never get to enjoy every moment.
    I discovered that life is much more fun when I “play the game” just for the joy of it.
    Great post, Corinne! The fact that a lot of people come here to read your posts already makes you outstanding! For me, you are. God bless <3 <3 <3 🙂

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @Irene9583 I remember you sharing about this before, Irene. I’m glad you’re learning to be  yourself and enjoy who you are and what you do. Thank you for the compliment. I will treasure it. ♥

  7. DangerousLinda DangerousLinda June 2, 2012

    Hi, Corinne! ~
    I can be very competitive — for me it’s indicative of my pursuit of excellence.
    I enjoyed reading your story about learning to swim.  By contrast, I learned to swim by going to the beach with friends when I was about 12 years old.  Their whole family was made up of life guards and swim champs and I was too embarrassed to say I didn’t know how to swim.  So, I jumped into the deep water and I sank and sank and sank.  I was terrified when I realized that the water was so deep that I never actually hit bottom!  And then I began to swim, up, up, up.  
    So, I can swim to save my life, but it’s not particularly graceful 😉

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @DangerousLinda I understand that, Linda. It makes me recall your perspective on the Comparison is the Thief of Joy post. 
      I wish I had had that kind of pressure to make me swim! I don’t think I’d be graceful either, but who cares 😉

  8. combs397 combs397 June 2, 2012

    I definitely am more like you. I play for the fun of it without an ounce of competitiveness.  It is fun to win, but if I lose and I am even more inspired to have another go to see if I can do better next time.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @combs397 That’s a great philosophy, Kathy. I’m going to remember what you said! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. JourneyofLifeA JourneyofLifeA June 2, 2012

    I loved how you tied-in the word “Jumping in” with your personality. Sometimes I am …sometimes I am not.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @JourneyofLifeA Thanks, Angela. Jump made me think of a pool (I guess it’s the heat) and that made me reflect on my experiences in it ! 

  10. JessicaMokrzycki JessicaMokrzycki June 2, 2012

    I can relate to this post. I’m not competitive either. When it comes to personal endeavors like blogging or any other pursuit I do it for the enjoyment. When it starts not being enjoyable I take a break or altogether stop. I don’t think I could ever stop blogging…but I have taken long breaks. Great post. 🙂

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @JessicaMokrzycki Thank you for sharing, Jessica. You sound a lot like me. Strangely I have haven’t tired of blogging four years after I’ve started. But I have taken some breaks too.

  11. galenpearl galenpearl June 2, 2012

    I’m not as competitive as I used to be.  I just like to play for fun!

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @galenpearl I can see that, Galen and you certainly seem to be having fun while being excellent at what you do!

  12. femmefrugality femmefrugality June 2, 2012

    Playing for the fun of it is what makes life worth living.  If you have fun becoming great (which I think you already are,) that’s wonderful.  But if you can achieve happiness in mediocracy, I’d say those people are ahead of the game.  Imagine how much joy they’ll have when they do something amazing!  (Something I strive to do but haven’t achieved yet.)

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

      That’s a great way of looking at it, femmefrugality . I must give it some thought. It might spur me on to do something amazing! 🙂

  13. sharongreenthal sharongreenthal June 2, 2012

    Good luck with your month of blogging – I found it to be very energizing and motivating when I did it in April. And keep jumping in!

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @sharongreenthal Thank you so much, Sharon. I’m so thrilled that you dropped by. I”m looking forward to being energized as you were.

  14. Casey B Casey B June 2, 2012

    Hi, Corinne. 
    Great post! I have to say I’m not competitive at all. Competition is boring to me…why try to outdo others when nobody can outdo anybody at life? We’re all set up the way we are, for better or worse. I love your posts, and you’ve been an inspiration to me since we met in cyberspace, so if you’re inclined, there’s an award over at my place for you. 

    Take care, 

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @Casey B I think the only person we should try to better is own self, Casey. Thank you so much for the award. I so appreciate it. It’s so good to be connected with you in a closer way than when we first met. 

  15. Aarti Pais Aarti Pais June 1, 2012

    I once won ‘silver’ for a dance competition and my instructor was very disappointed in me. He said, ” You didn’t win the silver, but you lost the gold”. Recently I came across this quote and I so wish I had seen this back then .
    “All right Mister, let me tell you what winning means? You’re willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else.”
    -Vince Lombardi 
    I dance because I like to, in fact because I love to … and getting satisfaction out of doing something just because you enjoy it means more than winning anything! After all, without the losers there would be no winners! 

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @Aarti Pais What a lovely anecdote, Aarti and a great quote to go with it. Yes, we mustn’t get so caught up in the winning and lose the joy of playing the game! Thank you for sharing. 

  16. privytrifles privytrifles June 1, 2012

    Beautiful post!!
    I strongly believe participating is more important than winning and as long as you are enjoying anything that you do nothing else should matter. I started blog just like that but today I am kind of addicted to it. I need to write as it gives me immense satisfaction of seeing my thoughts take some shape.
    All the best for your blogathon!!

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

      Enjoyment is key, Privy. I’m glad you’re get satisfaction from your blog – it is kind of addictive, isn’t it?

  17. InJensMind InJensMind June 1, 2012

    First off, your blog already stands out. Or maybe it just does to me. But, I’m pretty sure it does for many others who follow you and read your posts as well. I understand what you meant though. 
    I didn’t think of it this way. I don’t think of myself as a blogger which is probably when the trouble for me began. I know that I was having a lot more fun though when I was posting just for me. Back before I had a following, loyal readers, any commenters, or groups upon groups to post in. Now, I feel so pressured. It’s like when I took guitar lessons when I was 9 yrs old. Dad wanted to make sure he got every cent and some back out of those lessons. So he forced me to play an hour a day. No sweat. But, before I could visit with my mom, like our 3 week visitation I HAD to get all those hours in before going. That was absolutely asinine of him. 21 hours before visiting my mom??? Yea. Eventually I began to not find it as fun. Then when I was “talked” into playing at my grandfather’s funeral, that was the last straw. That was so overwhelming emotionally to this day I have not gone back to playing guitar. Which is a shame because I was damn good at it. 
    Anyway, so yes I totally get what you mean. And as much as I understand these challenges I find them to be far too constrictive for me. Good luck with your challenge and have a great weekend. Oh and I suppose I should sign up(doing so as I type this) so I can be a person instead of a “bot” lol

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 2, 2012

       @InJensMind Thank you for the compliment, Jen. I’ll accept it gracefully.
      I think you’re a writer first and then a blogger and that’s the best way to look at it. I’m sorry to hear about your guitar lessons – I can see how the joy went out of that. I wish you’d take it up again if only to prove that your father no longer casts a shadow on your joy!
      You’ll never be a bot to me, lady. However, I’ve enabled guest comments here so that’s not an issue. Thank you for coming by and sharing. ♥

  18. Deanne Deanne June 1, 2012

    I’m definitely an “in it for the fun” person 🙂  I LOVE to do my best and improve on it but don’t care if  I win!

  19. hudakcollins hudakcollins June 1, 2012

    Corinne, I believe that I am more competitive, than not.  There are some things in life, of course, that is never a competition for me.  Blogging began as a hobby, and after 2 years at it, I am now just beginning to make major changes with it’s direction and look.  Actually, the blog I have now will remain as is, but the new blog should be packed with more useful content.  I have taken on a second author in my same niche which will lead to richer articles.  I’m so looking forward to this change.  But, in doing all this, there is no competition with anyone else.  I just want to be the best that I can be in my area.  I would miss supporting other bloggers, and the support they give me.
    When you get to a point where you have your answers to your questions, you will make a change of some sort.  Good luck.  And p.s….I was almost drowned by a 13 yr old boy when I was young and have hated water in my face ever since LOL

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       @hudakcollins Thank you for sharing, Mary . I so look forward to your new blog. I don’t sense any spirit of competition in you, but certainly one of excellence. I look up to you for the many challenges you take on – and how you handle those you are faced with. Yes, I’m looking forward to the change when I have my answers. ♥

  20. styler1 styler1 June 1, 2012

    I think the older we get ,at least for me, the less competitive I am. I don’t know why I blog, maybe because ivecalways written. But unlike when I was younger, not too much ambition in the mix. Lovecthecswimming metaphor.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       @styler1 I think it’s true of many of us, Sandra. The older we get the less competitive we are. I can see that you always wrote. Your stories about your Mum are especially touch. The swimming metaphor came as a natural reaction to the word ‘jump’ which is the theme for this month’s NaBloPoMo. 

  21. roxasmh roxasmh June 1, 2012

    Loved this post @CorinneRodrigues Corinne.
    I’m blogging because it’s fun. I like meeting people in the virtual world. I like being inspired. And to be honest, a part of me also likes to know that I’m inspiring others somehow with my writing. But, when I start feeling “good” about that, I step back and ask myself why I’m doing this blogging thing. I don’t want to get into that “competitive zone”. I’m competitive, really. It’s in my upbringing 🙂 It’s a part of me I continually hand over to God because I want to focus on being the “best me”, not the “better than others” me.
    By the way, I like swimming. I learned to swim when I was in my late 20’s. I used to be afraid of the water. But my desire to learn how to swim was stronger than my fear so I learned how to swim. Yet, I’m still afraid of the water especially when it gets deeper than 4 feet. I don’t jump in because there’s still a part of me that’s afraid of things that might be lurking under the surface, never mind if its a swimming pool. I prefer to “glide” into the water.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!
    A blessed day to you and your Readers!

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       @roxasmh Mary,  I understand what you say about not wanting to be competitive or rather to compete against no one but yourself. I’m sure you love swimming I can see how good your little boy is at it. I’m wondering about the things lurking in the pool and why you’re afraid…did you have some experience of someone pulling you in from under the water as children are prone to do at times? 
      Thank you for coming by and for sharing. 

  22. marthaorlando marthaorlando June 1, 2012

    So proud of you, Corinne, for taking on this June challenge to post a blog a day.  I know you can do this and I’m so looking forward to reading your posts every day.
    Am I competitive?  With myself, mostly.  I challenge me to do the very best I can, especially with writing.  I think you understand the joy it brings perfectly. 🙂
    Have a blessed, “jump for joy” day, my friend!

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       @marthaorlando I’m quite excited about posting every day, Martha. I tried something like this in July 2011 and it felt good. You know more than me how much commitment that takes but I’m up for it this time. 
      Yes, writing is a joy that I’m discovering more and more and I’m trying to challenge myself to think of new ideas and better ways to express myself. 

  23. ElizabethRodriguez ElizabethRodriguez June 1, 2012

    Hi!  Im over from the Writers Post!  I like this post today.   I have asked myself the question about what I hope to accomplish with the blog.  So far, it is a way to meeting interesting people and find out about fun things to do – like how you are doing NaBloPoMo!

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       @ElizabethRodriguez Thank you for stopping by. I think blogging is a great way to meet people and expand your horizons. Good luck with that. 

  24. MelissaTandoc MelissaTandoc June 1, 2012

    So beautiful BS. I like audacity in your post today. It makes one feel so alive!
    I haven’t been pushed in a swimming pool nor have I learned swimming, but I definitely like the feel of the water to de-stress myself…
    I do play to win at times… but as I get older I learned to let the younger ones win and have more fun. I never liked competitions 😛
    Enjoy Corinne! Jump!

    • MelissaTandoc MelissaTandoc June 1, 2012

      *the audacity

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       I didn’t think of it as being audacity when I wrote it, @MelissaTandoc but I can see what you mean. I would have guessed that you’re not fiercely competitive, but you are a jumper too, aren’t you? 🙂

  25. tikulicious tikulicious June 1, 2012

    Follow your heart. Enjoy what you do. Lovely post Corinne 🙂 Coming to your blog after ages. Great read. 

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       Thanks for coming by @tikulicious . It has been ages since we connected. Yes, I’m enjoying following me heart and I hope you are too.

  26. Janaki Nagaraj Janaki Nagaraj June 1, 2012

    Nice post Corinne…I am so like you….I am competitive but, not to win. I love to participate, test the waters and jump in just to see whether I can accomplish what I intended to. It is the sense of fulfillment when one gets after a task is completed successfully.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       Sometimes, I don’t even complete the task @Janaki Nagaraj ….that’s me a jumper and a drifter!

  27. jovane jovane June 1, 2012

    I think by now you know about me…I am all over the place with everything.  I love my photography but I doubt I will actually take it any further. Writing is something that happened. Kids  well one doesn’t have much choice but to follow through with them…lol Great post,  jumping in is how we get there.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       @jovane Ah Jan, your photography is fantastic and I know what you mean about not taking it further. But you’re doing a fantastic job of taking care of the grandchildren – don’t say you didn’t have a choice – you’ve chosen and you’re committed to them and that’s just one of the things I love about your generous, loving heart!

  28. elramey elramey June 1, 2012

    Whatever you do, you always give it your all. That’s what I appreciate about you. No have-hearted for you 😉  Jump on in!  Loved the swimming pool story.
    I have one too that I’ll share soon. It’s about going off the deep end, as I’ve always tended to do. I’ve written the memory in both prose and poetry.  Wonder which I should post.  

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 1, 2012

       @elramey You really think that about me. Now I’ll just have to live up to that impression, Debra 😉  I think it would be a fab idea if you posted both poetry and prose – would love to read about your experience. 

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