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8 Regular Hacks to Keep Your Kidneys in Top Condition

Are you aware of the fact that, “blood flow in the kidney is higher than the blood flow in heart, liver and brain” and “kidneys can even sustain the human life at only 20% of its normal functioning power”?

Yes, kidneys are amazing organs responsible for mineral transformation, blood cleansing, hormone generation, urine production, and PH-maintenance.

But with the changing lifestyle today, kidney related chronic diseases are affecting millions of people every year. Many individuals have to dread with the unfortunate event of dialysis or a kidney transplant. Hence, it becomes essential to protect the kidneys and boost their functioning by developing healthy habits.

A little more awareness about healthy living can drastically reduce the risk of developing kidney related diseases. We will also discuss the role of a critical illness insurance policy in kidney related diseases.

8 Regular Hacks to Keep Your Kidneys in Top Condition

Here are  the top ways to keep your kidneys in excellent condition:

1) Increase your water intake

It is always a good idea to drink enough water, as drinking sufficient amount of water is required for a healthy body and healthy kidneys. When we drink plenty of water, our kidney clears the accumulated sodium, urea and other toxins from the body.

2) Develop healthy eating habits

For keeping your kidneys healthy, it is essential that you reduce your calorie and salt intake, cut on processed foods and eat fresh. Your diet must consist of plenty of fruits and vegetables. Follow eating habits that aim to control the weight gain and blood pressure.

3) Stay away from harmful habits

Many of us have heard that excessive drinking causes liver damage. But the damage does not stop there; it also affects your kidneys. Similarly, smoking has terrible repercussions on your kidney functionality as it affects the blood vessels and limits the flow of blood to the kidneys.

4) Say no to soda and soft drinks

Soda and related beverages contain high caffeine content which can lead to soaring blood pressure, ultimately damaging your kidneys. Also, high sugar content in them can lead to the development of diabetes.

5) Maintain a regular exercise regime

Indulging in daily physical activity can help reduce the weight and control the high blood pressure. But do not over-exercise and put a strain on your kidneys. Learn the required exercise regime and do not skip it after few weeks. Regular exercising will have the long-term benefit not only for your kidneys but the overall health.

6) Keep your blood sugar levels under control

If you have diabetes, make sure that your sugar levels are always under control as diabetes increases your chances of developing kidney diseases. Kidney failure in such situations can lead to dialysis requirement or need for a kidney transplant. Hence maintaining a proper control on sugar levels is crucial.

7) Keep your blood pressure under control

Hypertension increases the risk of kidney damage if not monitored continuously. Hence, take the medications regularly, eat healthy and control the cholesterol levels. You can get a blood pressure monitoring machine, which is readily available nowadays and periodically check your blood pressure.

8) Avoid kidney affecting drugs

Curb the unhealthy practice of excessive intake of painkillers and analgesics. If consumed on a daily basis, such drug can drastically affect your kidney. Consult with your physician about the regular uptake of these drugs if required.

How ‘Critical Illness Insurance Policy’ Plays an Important Role

One can take all the needed precautions, but an unforeseen event cannot be avoided. Kidney related diseases can become fatal. Also, dialysis treatment comes with surging costs.

So, if you have kidney disease and have family that is depending on you financially, a critical illness insurance policy can protect you as well as your family in such circumstances.

Having a critical illness insurance policy should be your first insurance investments. A critical illness insurance policy pays a lump sum amount to the policyholder on the diagnosis of a critical ailment. Moreover, the amount is paid irrespective of the actual medical expenses.

Though critical ailments cause physical pain; they prove to be financially disturbing for a family also who has to manage various expenses, including medical, household recuperation aids, etc. The amount received from a critical illness insurance policy can be used to pay both medical and non-medical expenses. The insurer waives off the premium in case of permanent disability of the policyholder after the accident.

Ailments and accidents come unannounced. While you should do everything, which can keep your kidneys in good health, it is necessary to go with a medical policy which is the part of must-have insurance covers in your life.  It not only reduces your financial burden but also helps you get the best treatment possible.

So, don’t overthink! Get yourself a critical illness insurance policy today and save yourself from the financial and mental troubles.


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  1. Shalzzz Shalzzz January 12, 2018

    My dad developekidney stone, a couple of years ago. It came as a shock because he is one person who drinks plenty of water. Thanks for the tips, Corinne.

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