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Learning To Unlearn #MicroblogMondays

You must unlearn the ways that did not help you, so that you are free to find to learn fresh ways of moving forwards. – Leon Brow

learning to unlearn

I’m finally learning to unlearn

Two experiences I had recently helped me to check if had unlearned somethings that used to cause me waste time, feel used and get upset.

The first one was someone acting helpless about doing something that was so simple. I noticed a pattern in this otherwise very savvy woman and decided to ignore her cries for help. In the past, I would have rushed to help out. I’ve realized while it might make me feel good about myself, I was not really helping people to learn on their own. Also, they would invariably assume that I was there to do their dirty work and that would make me feel used. I have finally learned that I don’t have to provide solutions to the world’s problems. My shoulders feel much lighter already! 😉

In the other experience, the person who I refused to assist, started to play the victim and when I ignored him, started to use a somewhat aggressive tone too! In the past, I would appease. Now I ignore anyone playing this game. As I told a friend, if someone wants to play the victim, they can have a pity party of one. I’m not accepting the invitation! I’ve divorced drama and I’d like to keep it that way!

Don’t you just love these words? I do.

Unteach me so I can remember
That which I am before thought,
Before judgments were carelessly gathered
And opinions were needlessly bought.

Unteach me so I can move freely
And love without needing a why.
Remove all the arbitrary boundaries
And leave just a limitless sky.

~ Swifty Flame-Anderson in Mooving Swifty On

What are you learning to unlearn?

I’m linking in to Stirrup Queen’s #MicroblogMondays today.

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  1. Sanch Sanch October 9, 2014

    I agree that people need to learn some things on their own. After all, that’s what the aim of therapy is — to give people the skills to be able to do it on their own. In the end, if they don’t want to take things on board, there isn’t much I can do for them. They make a choice to not practice or not learn.
    Sanch recently posted..What Indian parents say but what they really meanMy Profile

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