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Life Behind The Silence

Life Behind the Silence
by Gina Azizah
Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN 9781780889177

Gina Azizah was born in Malaysia in a small village near the jungle. She was abused by her father from birth to aged 15 when her parents divorced. Then she moved to Kuala Lumpur after a few years, and became one of the first Mulsim women to be a fitness instructor. She moved to london to study, where she now lives.

“When I was five years old, my father inserted mashed chillies into my genitals and burned my eyes with a flaming torch. It was then that I said to myself, one day I will tell the world what my father has done to me.”

Gina Azizah’s autobiography takes the reader on an unbearable journey through her childhood, as she endured years of abuse at her father’s hands. Life Behind the Silence is both heartbreaking and inspirational, giving hope to women everywhere who have suffered abuse themselves.

Gina’s Malaysian childhood was not filled with toys, presents and love. Instead it was filled with physical, sexual and mental abuse from a monstrous father, who was at the head of a dysfunctional family. Her days were punctuated by episodes of abuse from the very people who should have been caring for her – even her grandfather, a Muslim priest, tried to rape her.

There was nobody Gina could tell her secrets to – who would believe her word agains that of respected members of the community? Many years later, she has chosen to give voice to the darkness of her childhood in Life Behind the Silence. “For a long time I put on a brave face and pretended I was happy. I did not have the courage to tell people my story,” explains Gina, “but I wish to free myself from the torture and anguish that have controlled my life. I wanted to face the pain I’d kept inside for nearly four decades.”

Gina’s story of survival and courage acts as a reminder to women who have been and are being abused that they are not alone. “Be strong, and know you can survive and there is light at the end,” she says.

life behind the silence


It’s difficult to read a book like this and not be utterly blown away by both the cruelty and the tenacity of human beings. That a father can abuse the very person he is bound to protect is beyond belief. Sadly, Gina’s experience is what many thousands of girls around the world suffer.  Her courage to survive, to perservere and to make that huge emotional break from her monstrous father and other relatives, needs to be applauded. It must have taken a great deal of emotional strength to write her story – for this calls for revisiting memories of those terrible acts. It’s a testament to her courage that Gina decided to break that silence. I hope somehow her story tells other victims that they too can survive. Also it must make so many of us aware of the henious crimes of incest that exist, closer home than we realize at times.

I found this a hard book to read, but I’m glad I read it.


  1. My Inner Chick My Inner Chick June 30, 2015

    Thank you for this most heartbreaking / empowering review.

    I am going to order this immediately. What an amazing woman. I LoooooOVE that she is telling her story.

    This is what we ALL must do!!!
    We must TELL, Scream, Yell, NEVER be silent. EVER….

    We must let other women KNOW they are not ALONE in the world.

    Love from MN
    My Inner Chick recently posted..What Is The Real You?My Profile

  2. Lata Lata June 29, 2015

    The heart breaks. The mind marvels at the courage to endure and come out braver. The intellect wonders how the cruelty and abuse can be stopped and vanquished altogether.
    Lata recently posted..A Song Story!My Profile

  3. Balroop Singh Balroop Singh June 28, 2015

    I don’t think I would be able to read this book but I would like to salute Gina for gathering the courage to share the darkest part of her life and exposing the monsters who lurk around us, in our own homes in the garb of our protectors. A child can never communicate such atrocities, can’t find the words to explain these heinous crimes and therefore these devils think they are invincible. I am so glad that they stand exposed. I am so happy that Gina has at last found her freedom and dignity.
    Thanks for sharing and reading this!
    Balroop Singh recently posted..How Emotional Vibes Of Colors Affect Our PersonalityMy Profile

  4. Wow, this is powerful, Corrine. I would have a really hard time reading this but these are important stories! I’m happy for Gina that she has taken this courageous step. Writing her memoir is empowering, no doubt and she will be helping so many women who have similarly suffered. Secrets kill us while telling our stories free us. Thanks for this share.
    lisa thomson-the great escape recently posted..Jumping OffMy Profile

  5. Carol Cassara Carol Cassara June 28, 2015

    These kinds of memoirs are very difficult for me to read. Blessings to her for the courage she shows.
    Carol Cassara recently posted..To thine own selfMy Profile

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