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Our Experience of Synchronicity

You must think I’m mad to say that our recent experience was a good one. I’m not sadistic and don’t take pleasure in having my husband suffer from a hip fracture and consequent surgery. Neither am I happy that he is semi-confined to the house. But he will be the first one to agree with me that this indeed was an inexplicably good experience. I guess you can say, we experienced synchronicity. As Sherry of Daily Spiritual Tools puts it: Synchronicity works through us, and for us, in ways we often don’t even notice. Seemingly unfortunate events lead to unforeseen positive outcomes, and seemingly random events that are really part of a bigger plan connect us with our good.

Our Experience of Synchronicity

Yes, everything seem to work out just right – José went a little later than usual – so there were people around to help him. Our doctor didn’t go for his usual workout so he was available. The hospital decided to re-open a floor, which had been closed for renovations, that very day – so José got a room. The surgery couldn’t be performed immediately as the operation theaters were booked – so we got time to let everything sink in be better prepared for the procedure. My sister-in-law, Ann, who is a doctor, happened to be in town on the day of the surgery – she had come in for her Mom’s surgery and made sure she was with me during José’s surgery.  And of course, as I mentioned already we encountered other angels too:

Morning walkers – These were strangers who came to help José the moment he fell. Some managed Pablo. Others helped him to the side of the road. Some let him use their phone when the his phone battery was very low. Others offered to bring their cars to take him home. Some stayed with him till I reached there and continued till I left Pablo home and came back. They made sure they stayed until the doctor and I had reached.

Doctors – Our doctor – Dr Anil Ballani, Consultant Physician at Lilavati Hospital and Hinduja Hospitals. He responded to our call and arrived immediately. Not only did he arrange for an ambulance but he also offered us money to pay for it! He took over the entire situation and ensured that José got admission in to the hospital, helped us to make a decision about the procedure and ensured that everything went well.

Dr Shahrookh P Vatchha, the surgeon and his assistant Dr Amit Kohli inspired so much confidence in  José (and me) before and after the surgery.

Sanam and Suraj of Perfect Pooch – We would have been completely in a mess if wasn’t for them. I called Sanam as soon as we got to the hospital and requested that they pick up Pablo and keep him indefinitely. She agreed – no questions asked. It was their busiest time – the Diwali season – and yet they kept Pablo for nine days! I now call them Perfect Angels!

Neighbors – Our neighbors responded very generously to our requests for help. We couldn’t have managed without the generosity of one particular lady, who spelled me almost every day while I went home.

Hospital staff – The staff of Lilvathi Hospital were very professional and caring – the nurses, the ward staff, even the security guards. When I asked someone in the administration if we could contribute to their staff welfare fund (they have an unspoken no-tipping policy), they said that the only contribution they welcomed was our suggestions!

José’s friend – He came to the hospital to bring him home and helped him up the stairs. He took us for the subsequent meeting with the doctor too, a week later.

Family – We got so many calls and offers for help from family – they were only a call away.

We learnt a lot from this experience. We learnt that we need to be better prepared for emergencies (for example, both our mobile phones needed their batteries charged!!). I learnt that even if I don’t have family or close friends in Mumbai – I can reach out and ask for help and it will come. The Universe is not restricted to any one city, you see! We re-learnt lessons of love, service and gratitude.

Jose – post-surgery


Life is filled with moments that change us, teach us, make us catch our breath, and sometimes make us happy just to be alive. ~John St. Augustine

And finally, José’s got his own guardian angel to watch over him!


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  1. Martha Orlando Martha Orlando May 3, 2016

    Oh, what a story, Corinne! So glad angels were there in human form to assist Jose, Pablo and you, dear friend. Tell Jose I will be praying for a full recovery!
    I do miss some of your blogs only because of the new format, but I’m saving this newsletter so I can get around to your posts. I really miss seeing you on mine.
    Love and blessings!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Bubble-licious!My Profile

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