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Release Expectation and Experience Appreciation #everydaygratitude

When I decided last week to re-focus on gratitude, it was my way of healing my way back to normal. Gratitude has been a life-saver for me in the past and I knew it work again to move me away from grief, take away anger and frustration and make me more positive. As I began to look to think about doing this I realized that I must let go off all expectations I had. Expectations from life, from others and most of all from myself. As Kristi Nelson says, “When we release expectation and experience appreciation, all the moments of our lives become openings and opportunities”.

Expectations lead to frustration, anger, guilt and remorse and I’ve been going through all of these.

I have certain expectations of myself – plans and goals – when they’re not met I get frustrated or feel guilty. When I expect someone to respond to me with openness and they’re evasive, I feel frustrated and even angry. When things don’t go the way I planned……You get it, don’t you?

But letting go of expectations, choosing to look around and appreciate all I have, and even trying to see what I can learn out of ‘bad’ situations..that’s the path of gratitude.

The 5 things I’m grateful for this week are:

  1. A sprain in my back that forced me to relax
  2. My husband who made sure I did that and took care of household chores and other responsibilities
  3. More time for meaningful conversations with my husband
  4. My Dad’s health improving
  5. My inner strength and intuition.


everydaygratitude week2

What are you grateful for today?

Join me and other bloggers every Thursday for the #everydaygratitude link up – to share all you are grateful for from the past week.


  1. vishalbheeroo vishalbheeroo October 9, 2017

    Being grateful and treasuring small things go a long way for our mental health. I agree when you write about things treasured in life. Have an awesome week, Corinne. It’s also true about expectations and with times, I am trying to expect less since it helps us not to indulge in self harm.

  2. Take care Corinne! I love the simplicity of Gratitude! Truly, frustrating moments make me forget everything about it, but again gratitude finds it’s way with all of us in someway or the other. Have a nice day!

  3. Angel Stew (@AngelStew16) Angel Stew (@AngelStew16) September 29, 2017

    Ouch on your back but you are relaxing for a bit and your wonderful husband is taking care of you. Happy to hear that your dad’s health is improving. Much to be grateful for. – I was a bit challenged this week but your post says it all. Release the expectations. Definitely a must when having a wedding! 🙂 – Thanks for this weekly reminder Corinne. It’s so helpful and it’s easy to block out the time to do this.

  4. Ramya Ramya September 28, 2017

    Graritude works for me too when iam frustrated. As you rightly said, expectations lead to stress, grief or anger.

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