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So You Are Selling Your Home? Now What?

So you have decided to sell your home. You are probably a mix of emotions right now. Excited about the next chapter, apprehensive about the moving process, but before we get ahead of ourselves we need to actually sell our current homes. This is where it can get tricky. Selling your home isn’t always easy. But sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. Trying to sell our home when perhaps it isn’t in the most saleable state will not allow you to obtain the most amount of money. We all want to get the best possible price, after all. So if the decision has been made then why not take a look through your home and try and work out where you can make some changes.

selling your home


As you take a tour in your home, you start with the exterior and the first impression. This is when garden mess such as overgrown trees, unkempt lawns, and overgrown flower beds can be a real eyesore. Gardening isn’t for everyone, but investing your time and some effort into sprucing up your garden could be a good idea. You may accumulate a lot of garden waste in the process, which of course, will need to be cleared away. So you may want to consider hiring companies like Same-Day Rubbish Removal to clear it all away. Leaving you with a nice looking garden and the first impression that counts when selling your home.


Your kitchen can often be the hub of a home. A family or couple can spend a lot of time in there. So it’s vital that this room looks appealing on the eye and fit for purpose. It doesn’t mean putting in a brand new kitchen just to obtain a sale. That would cost capital you might not have. But by making a few changes you could make the room look a whole lot better. First of all, consider a big de-clutter of your kitchen work surfaces. If it’s something that can go in a cupboard then put it away. Things like a kettle and toaster are fine. But when you have things like jars or condiments on the work surface, that’s where it can look more cluttered. You might also want to think about cleaning the kitchen cupboards. By giving them a good clean it could brighten them up. Lastly, if you do want to make some changes then maybe a quick paint the walls or cupboard doors. If you have the time and a little spare cash giving the room or cupboards a lick of paint could make the room look brand new.

Living spaces.

Your living spaces are essential areas to make sure are looking in there best condition. Many families or couples spend their downtime in these rooms so allowing the room to look calm and tidy will give the right impression. It doesn’t take much effort but a few simple changes can make a difference to these rooms as well. Again I would consider the clutter factor. Is there too much around on shelves and window sills? A potential buyer needs to imagine their furniture and things in your home, so too much distraction of your ornaments and items could stop them from doing that.

Overall, if you keep your home tidy, clean and start to think as a buyer yourself, you are going to be on the right track to sell your home faster and for the maximum amount of money.

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  1. Vishal Bheeroo Vishal Bheeroo July 18, 2018

    That’s a very detailed approach to look at before selling the house which is not an easy situation considered our emotions attached to a house. I really like the small bits about fresh coat of painting or gardening, Corinne.

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