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Staying Grateful

As I’m writing this I smell and see the rain falling. It makes such a pretty sight and smells so good that I wish I could really share it with you. There’s so much to be grateful for, but I’ve allowed some crazy things going on in my life to take the front seat! Yes, a health scare and the behavior of some people have been on my mind a lot. I’ve preached this before, so I’m reminding myself today that staying grateful is what is going to keep me sane.

Anyone can be happy when they get what they want; the challenge is to stay grateful and peaceful even when the world around you feels crazy and dangerous and horrible.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Staying Grateful

It was World Gratitude Day on Saturday, 21st September, and I meant to have a post out on that day, but it didn’t happen. I decided to let that go. In the past I’d see that as something to be upset with myself about. But this time, I said to myself – “Nothing to feel guilty about – I don’t usually publish posts on Saturday here, anyway.” Now that’s something to be grateful about. The fact that I’ve grown to realize that it’s okay to take things easy; it’s alright to sleep in late; it’s fine to just laze and read all day. Grateful that I’m learning to be nice to me.

The best part of this is that I’ve got a fantastic husband who never makes me feel guilty about this. He’ll pick up the pieces and cook or order food and do chores. He’s my rock and I’m so, so grateful for him.

Gratitude has saved me from depression and despair in the past. There are a lot of little things that I’m grateful for right now but I’m staying away from writing a list. Instead, today, I’m re-committing myself to staying grateful.

What do you feel about gratitude?


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  1. Natasha Natasha September 25, 2019

    We all need such rock solid DHs don’t we? I’m so blessed for mine too.
    Gratitude does wonders to our soul. It brings in a flash of optimism and transmutes all the negativity within.
    As does self nourishment.
    I’ve been doing a whole lot of that off late.

    Big hugs Cory. May the rest of the year be blessed and overflowing with things to be grateful for. ✨

  2. Balaka Balaka September 25, 2019

    I maintain a gratitude journal. Every night before falling asleep, I write about the things that made me grateful through the day. This simple exercise helps me to stay positive and happy. Gratitude is the root to eternal happiness. Lovely post.

  3. Esha Esha September 23, 2019

    I hear you, Corinne! And i loved what you said about being grateful for learning to be nice to yourself! That is probably my biggest learning over the past couple of months. It has been very hard dealing with so many things at multiple levels, and how taxing and draining it can be, dealing with people who feel they have the right to exploit you because you care for them. Heartbreaks, tears and anger leave you with nothing. In the end, prioritising our own well-being and our happiness lies within us alone.

  4. Obsessivemom Obsessivemom September 23, 2019

    I’m glad you have your husband to support you and to provide you perspective. A good partner is truly something to be grateful about. Also, being kind to yourself is so important. We’re busy looking after so many people and trying to please so many of them that we forget to look after ourselves.

  5. Michele Morin Michele Morin September 23, 2019

    Gratitude has been such a game changer for me, and I can always tell when I’m losing touch with it because my view of the world becomes foggier and I slide into the center of the universe (where I don’t belong!).

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