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What Can You Do To Help In The Aftermath Of A Major Storm?

The 2018 hurricane season has been a rough one, with numerous hurricanes making landfall and causing extreme devastation to those in their path.

Of course, hurricanes and cyclones are nothing new, but the evidence suggests that hurricanes are getting stronger, and catastrophic “once in a lifetime” storms are set to become all the more prevalent in the future. This means that, even in areas where annual hurricanes are something of a fact of life, the devastation caused by these storms is all the more pronounced.

It is impossible to view video footage, and images of the damage modern storms are causing, without feeling the urge to help those in need. While much of the aftermath is dealt with by governmental agencies handling basic recovery operations and the likes of motorcade protective services, there are still a few things you can do to help in the aftermath of a major event.

What Can You Do To Help In The Aftermath Of A Major Storm?

What Can You Do To Help In The Aftermath Of A Major Storm?

#1 – Donate to local charities in the affected area

Large nationwide charities are usually the first port of call if you are looking to make a donation to the relief effort, but it’s also worth considering smaller organizations in the vicinity of the storm. Local charities are often at the forefront of the response, and though the larger charities do tend to funnel money down to smaller organizations, this can take awhile. It can, therefore, be helpful to donate directly to the local organizations; you can Google for local charities in the storm’s path, check they are legitimate, and then make an online donation.

#2 – Order food online and send directly to charities

You can order food – preferably non-perishable food – online and send it directly to charities working in the area. For domestic events, online grocery stores will let you pay for an order and dispatch it to an address that is different from your own, though it may be worth calling beforehand to ensure they are able to deliver to the affected area just to make sure. If you want to send groceries to storm-affected areas overseas, it may be best to opt for international sites – such as Amazon – that are able to make the process as simple as possible.

#3 – Avoid crowdfunding websites

Crowdfunding is a wonderful concept that has helped millions of people, but it’s best to avoid in the aftermath to a major storm. Unfortunately, some people will set up crowdfunding pages detailing how they have lost everything and need help – but these may not always be as they seem, with many scammers creating elaborate back stories (sometimes with very compelling evidence) in order to extort money from well-wishers. To ensure your donations always go to those in need, avoid crowdfunding in the aftermath of a major storm, and instead focus on donating to organizations who can verify claims and distribute funds accordingly.

As the threat of severe storms becomes more pronounced, the tips above can allow you to assist through safe, secure channels that is sure to reach those in need.


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