When people ask me what I do and I respond that I’m a blogger, their next question invariably is ‘Is there money in that?’. I’m never certain about how I should answer that. I didn’t start blogging to earn money – I started because I wanted to share my thoughts. The concept of earning from my blog came a lot later. I started with Adsense – and have yet to receive a single penny from them, moved on to other ads and finally started with sponsored posts.

On an average, I get about 6-7 sponsored posts a year. And no, it does not cover the cost of my blogging – hosting, themes and plugins. That’s in part because I tend to prefer paying for themes and plugins. So while I do earn from blogging, I don’t make a living from it and don’t think I ever will. I’m sure most of you have a similar experience.


Blogging As Giving

I was reading  a post called Blogging Wisdom: Authenticity, Giving and More  by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on WordPress’ Daily Post, when these words popped out, calling my name!

Nowadays, so many people start blogging and feel like they need to “get” something out of their blogs. But in fact, blogging is giving. When you write a cookbook, you are sharing recipes. With a blog, beyond recipes and travel tips, you are sharing more of your daily life with readers, and I think they appreciate honesty, rather than being talked to as if you are trying to get something out of them, like traffic or monetization. – David Lebovitz

There’s a whole host of reasons why I blog, but of late I’ve started to look at blogging as giving and not receiving. More and more, I feel compelled to blog about my personal journey, like I used to in the ‘old days’.  I don’t want to waste my time on flattery of brands. It’s not that I want to bore my readers, but I feel that if even one person can learn from my experience, or feel that my words brightened their day, or became more self-aware,  then my effort to blog has been worth it.

When the first lot of requests for sponsored posts came in, I was so excited that I didn’t use good judgement. So you might find a post here with a link to online bingo. In retrospect, it was a bad choice to make. Since then, I’ve learned to filter the links to go to websites that fit into the overall goals of this blog. Earlier this month, when I got a good offer for a link going to a casino, I turned it down. No snob value in this, just that it no longer fits in with my blogging goals – the primary one of which is to be authentic.

There are plenty of ‘giving’ bloggers who are my role models. One blog that immediately comes to mind is Danny Brown‘s UNFUCD – trying to create happiness one day at a time.

What do you think of David Lebovitz’ words? Do you see blogging as giving?


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