Simplicity is a concept I’ve always been fascinated with although I didn’t understand it correctly. I thought it had to do with choosing to live a life devoid of comfort.

I’m beginning to understand that simplicity is living a life that is uncomplicated by a need to have, do and achieve more and more. Living a simple life is living a stress-free life.

I love these words and for me they define what simplicity truly is.

Just say no. To people, places, things that don’t fill your heart with joy. ~Louise Morganti Kaelin

I’m Daring To Be Simple

I’ve signed up for KindSpring’s 21 Day Simple Living Challenge. Although the challenge started on the 8th, I was travelling and couldn’t get into it. I started with the challenge today.

Here’s a sample of the kind of ideas that KindSpring suggests. I find every one of them meaningful.

Day 1: Declutter Your Home. Give Away At Least One Thing You Don’t Need
Day 2: Make Time To Unplug. Reduce Screen Time Today
Day 3: Spend Ten Minutes In Silence
Day 4: Clear Out Your Inbox / Mailbox
Day 5: Do Something That You’ve Been Putting Off
Day 6: Reflect On Three Things That Bring Meaning To Your Life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what living a simple life would entail for me and I figured out a few things already:

1. Focusing on my health. Ill health complicates life and I must do all I can to stay healthy. Better health, less tension.

2. Staying grateful. When I focus with gratitude on all that I have in my life, I can’t really yearn for more, can I? More gratitude, less greed!

3. Having an abundance mentality. Knowing that the Universe is generous and that I must be generous too.  I am confident I will be taken care of and that all is well. More abundance, less stress.

4. Investing in healthy relationships. Rather than trying to be nice and popular, I will focus on people who add meaning and joy to my life. More love, less pretence. More joy, less drama.

I’m glad that I’m making these choices. I can already begin to feel a difference in my outlook in a short space of time. I will keep you updated on how the Challenge makes a difference too.

simplicity takes courage

I’m daring to be simple. Are you doing the same?