Our housing colony shares a wall with a Hindu graveyard (picture below) and at least twice a week we hear the sounds of drums as funeral processions approach. If I walk along the wall, I can see the funerals taking place. As a writer, one is always curious to know the story of the deceased. Who was he or she? Who is the family? How many mourners are there?

Rather than finding it morbid, hearing the sounds of those drums and knowing someone is being buried, is a great reminder that finally it’s what life comes down to. When I am mindful of it, it helps me to remember that there is no need to scurry around trying to achieve a whole lot of things in life.

I’ve shared before that I don’t believe in bucket lists and goals. Despite that, it’s easy sometimes to get caught up with deadlines. Easy to imagine that if I don’t complete something, the world will stop turning on its axis! We often get so full of our own sense of importance that we forget how simple life really can be.

Life can be easy, if we allow it to be so. But we’re so busy trying to upgrade our gadgets, our houses and our lifestyles, that we don’t know when to stop. We fill our homes with stuff. We rush about trying to achieve things in life. We are always trying to prove to ourselves and to the world that we’ve made it.

We have forgotten when enough is enough.

“Great trouble comes from not knowing what is enough. Great conflict arises from wanting too much. When we know when enough is enough, there will always be enough.”
~Lao Tzu

Today, remind yourself that you have enough, you do enough and you are enough!
enough is enough

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