Voices, opinions
Come flooding in
“You should have done this…”
“You could have done that…”
“Why didn’t you say this?”
“How could you say that?”
“You can’t do that!”

You know what the truth is.
You know what’s right.
The signs speak louder than words.
And your heart speaks clearly
If only you’d pay heed
If only you’d trust yourself enough.

Your heart tells you what’s important.
It signals what you need
It shows you the way
It leads you gently
Towards peace

Still yourself.
Pay attention.
Follow your heart
It’s the only way to inner peace.

What I find fascinating about the way we are made is that deep within us we already know. Know what, you ask? We know what’s good for us, we know the kind of people we should avoid, what we really want to do with our lives, and how we want to be remembered. We have the answers. And yet, we keep looking for them every where else, but within ourselves.

An ancient myth tells of the Gods getting together to make Man and while doing so they begin to discuss where the secret to life should be placed. They agree that it should be someplace mysterious, not obvious. It should be so well hidden that it will be a challenge for Man to find it. One God suggested that the bottom of the ocean would be a good place to hide it. But his idea was shot down as the others were convinced that Man would invent all sorts of equipment to explore the depths of the ocean. The highest mountain was not an option too, as the Gods realized that Man would eventually invent airplanes and helicopters to land there. No place seemed challenging enough. Until one God, came up with the most brilliant suggestion: ‘Let us hide the secret of life within the heart of each person – Man will never think to look there!”

So today, welcome to wherever you are. Sit down and listen to your heart!

This is written in response to Suzy Que’s post ‘Free Write‘ on Write Tribe.

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