I confess to failing to do justice to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, this year.  While I managed to successfully finish all the posts in time for From 7Eight, I couldn’t do that on this blog. In fact, if you look very carefully, you’ll find posts for the letters ‘J’ and ‘L’ missing. The drafts are ready – but not completed!

Even worse, I was unable to keep up with visiting and commenting on blogs and responding to the comments on mine.

creativity quote

I’ve heard it said that an essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail. I took courage from this as I started out.  I was biting off more than I could chew with some personal plans that meant having to travel during the challenge. But I just couldn’t resist taking up the challenge.  What I didn’t  bargain for were some health issues that made me feel rather low. The health issues were compounded by me spending long hours at the computer.

No regrets.

I learnt that the important thing is to stay creative.

I did that with the creation of our A to Z sharing group on Facebook and finding a unique way of managing it. A lot of fresh ideas came out of that which I can now employ towards making Write Tribe a more creative and supportive space for writers and bloggers. Thanks to Vidya Sury, Shilpa Garg, Shailaja Vishwanath, Richa Singh, Meena Menon and Bhavya Nandakumar for their support in setting up the group and keeping folks motivated.

I am also grateful to the lovely guests I had here during the challenge:

Julie DeNeenFabulous Blogging With Julie DeNeen

Kim Sisto Robinson11 Things I’ve Learned Since Your Murder

Roshan Radhakrishnan The Three Rs and Two More

Dr Michelle Schoffro Cook Weekend Wonder Detox

Vidya Sury Z for Zig Ziglar

There are several bloggers who consistently commented on my posts despite the fact that I didn’t return the favour – to them I say thank you. Know that you have earned good Karma. ♥

Vidya Sury, thanks for constantly nudging me on – and for offering to do posts for me from time to time and for all the mad chats! 🙂

I also connected with a whole new circle of bloggers and I’m looking forward to to growing those connections.

Arlee Bird thank you for creating the Blogging From A to Z challenge. It helped me push the limits of my creativity – even if I didn’t finish successfully. Read the reflections of other bloggers on this challenge here to see what they learnt from it.

Here are some more ideas on how to stay creative.


If you took part in the A to Z challenge, did it help you with improving your creativity? What do you plan to do to stay creative?