We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.
~ American Indian Proverb

This post is on death. Why have I chosen to talk of death? It’s just that over the last month, two people  I’m close to have lost a parent. I observed that even though there was the obvious sorrow from the loss, both people also felt a great deal of pride about the choices their respective parents  made – in life and in death. Their parents will be known by the tracks they’ve left, especially in the hearts of the ones closest to them.

I began to think about my own death. And wondered how I was preparing for it.  If I were to die tomorrow what are the tracks I would leave? Are these the tracks I want to leave – or are there things in my person and life I want to change?

Years ago, I came across an exercise, I can’t quite remember where. It involved preparing your own obituary. Does that seem morbid to you? I don’t think it is.

The exercise provided an opportunity to honestly reflect on my life and figure out what I wanted to ‘be’ ( person) and what I want to ‘do’ (accomplishments) by the end of my life. In stating how I wanted to be remembered,  I was able to identify the values I wanted to live by. (On a lighter note, my Mum found my ‘obituary’ and got really worried that I was suicidal!!)

A lot has changed since I wrote that first obituary. For example, I’ve got married and have stopped being a working woman.  So, I have now decided to rework it and I promise to share it with you sometime.

As we know death is inevitable – and we cannot really make a choice about how we want to die – unless we take our own lives. But I’m certain that just as we can make our lives count for something, we can also make our death a meaningful experience for others.

Think about the tracks you’ll be leaving.

May you be inspired – everyday!