On World Organ Donation Day – 13 August 2014, Vidya Sury, wrote a very touching post sharing her Mom’s choice to donate her body after her passing. Vidya and her family honored her wishes. Read more about it here. Vidya went on to ask us to write a post on our blogs to spread the message.

Another blogger friend, Kim Sisto Robinson, writes often about how her family chose to donate her sister, Kay’s organs after her gruesome murder at the hands of her husband. The recipients of Kay’s organs join the family in remembering Kay.

I’ve often written about leaving a legacy. Yes, we can leave a legacy by the lives we lead and the choices we make. But what about something after we pass? Live life to the fullest – but we can make our death a meaningful one too.

Recycle yourself. Become an organ donor.

Learn more about recyclable body parts here and read answers to some frequently asked questions about organ donation.

Pledge your organs and print your donor card here.
recycle yourself

I have signed up to be an organ donor today. Will you do that too? And spread the word, please.