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6 Amazing Ways To Achieve Happiness

Life is full of ups and downs and unfortunately, with stresses of work, family, and finances, it’s all too easy to feel more down than up. We feel depressed or unhappy when a chemical reaction happens in our brains. We feel sad when our brains generate too much serotonin, and different factors in our lives can contribute towards this happening, so it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly needs to change in our lives. While it can be difficult to eliminate absolutely everything that stresses us out, there are things that you could be doing to make yourself a happier person in general. Take a look at these 6 amazing ways to achieve more happiness in your life.

6 Amazing Ways to achieve happiness


One of the fastest and most effective ways of making yourself happy is by upping your exercise regime. You probably already know that exercise releases endorphins into your brain which in turn, make you feel happier. Not only does the chemical balance in your brain return to normal, but exercising will make you feel better about yourself and your overall appearance, meaning that you’ll be much happier in general. Try to exercise around five times a week for around thirty minutes for the best results. Exercising is anything that raises your heartbeat and makes you slightly out of breath. So, even if you’re not a particularly fit person, something as simple as a brisk walk for thirty minutes will make all of the difference.


Another amazing way of achieving more happiness in your life is by taking to the road and travelling the world. Seeing how different cultures live can really help open your eyes as to how lucky you are and also how you could change a few things in your life too. Why not take a trip somewhere super zen generating and get yourself a condo rental in Singapore short term so that you can take time to relax, regenerate, and really find yourself again? Doing something like this away from your home helps you release any and all built up stresses and worries. Just one more thing, don’t forget to take your camera so that you can capture all of the incredible sights that you’ll see on the way!

Change your diet

Did you know that your diet greatly contributes to your mental health? Junk food seriously upsets the chemical balance in your brain, and can make you feel sad. While we usually hit the junk food when we are feeling sad, it’s important to try and change your diet for the better so that you can feel happier and healthier in the long run. Take a look at these fabulous ways of changing your diet:

  • Only eat when you’re truly hungry. More often than not our bodies mistake hunger for thirst. So, when you think you’re hungry, have a glass of water and wait for ten minutes. If you still feel hungry after that, then it’s time to make a meal. Learn to listen to what your body is actually asking you for and you’ll find that you won’t be overeating.
  • Take your time to eat your meal. One of the biggest reasons we overeat is because it takes our stomach longer to realise that it’s full and send the message back to our brains. Taking longer to chew and putting down your cutlery between each bite will give your stomach time to catch up. You will find that you’re eating much smaller portions!
  • Only eat until the feeling of hunger has gone. We all know the horrible feeling of being too full and bloated, and this isn’t good for our bodies. You may end up only eating a small amount and then becoming hungrier faster, but your body will find it easier to digest.
  • Drink more water. If you’re in need of losing a few pounds this tip will be the best one for you. Not only does your body often mistake hunger for thirst, but water can also help flush out any toxins and nasties from your body. You will notice weight loss and clearer hair, skin and nails.


Making good changes to your diet will improve your happiness in the sense of the chemical balance in your brain and also how you feel about your appearance too!

Consider a career change

Sometimes the biggest reason for a person feeling low or down in the dumps is because their job is getting them down. When you begin feeling like this, it’s probably time for a career change. Consider taking up a completely new career so that you can find a new flare for life. Some of the best and most rewarding jobs originate in the healthcare sector because you’re helping people everyday, and that’s one of the most empowering feelings a person can have. Take a look at online courses you could take in your spare time so that you can begin a new career and achieve more happiness in your life.



We mentioned earlier about traveling somewhere that will promote zen and healing and another way to achieve this is by taking up meditation. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross legged and going “ommmm” either, it can be anything from lying down with your eyes closed and reflecting on your day to going for a long walk to a beautiful spot and taking in the views. Anything that helps you relax and let go of any stresses can be meditation – so why not take it up for a happier life?

Start a blog

Finally, another fantastic way of achieving happiness is by starting a blog. More often than not, people find solace by starting up a blog to help other people with similar difficulties to them. So, if you’re suffering with a long term illness or condition, starting a blog to help you and others can bring much happiness into your life. Again, helping others brings a great amount of happiness into your life!

Image Credits: Fernando Brasil on Unsplash, Rawpixel on Unsplash


  1. Magical Mystical Mimi Magical Mystical Mimi July 12, 2018

    This post goes hand in hand with what I am pouring out into my personal journal. My biggest challenge at the moment is trying to exercise which, for me, is hiking the trails. In this triple-digit heat, it’s impossible. Next would be eating only when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full. (Super challenging.) I’ve been drinking water and that really does let you know whether or hungry or just thirsty. And of course, one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world. Currently, my world travel consists of heading to the mountains or to the coast, both beautiful places and I am grateful. 🙂 – Thank you for sharing this, Corinne. The fact that it goes hand in hand with what I am personally experiencing is just another cosmic confirmation for me. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Jennifer July 12, 2018

    All great suggestions especially the change your job one. Most people don’t realize that the job they are keeping because the money is so good is also the one that’s sucking the joy out of them. Less pay can be worth the mental health especially if the new job still gets the bills paid and brings joy back

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