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Before Your Feet Hit The Ground

As I shared in my posts Learning to Choose and I’m Eating The Elephant, we’re attempting to make some changes in our lives. And one of these changes is to choose to rise early – at 5 am each morning. So far, barring a few ‘accidents’, we’ve been quite successful. Now, we have a much longer day ahead of us. As a result we’re sleeping better and wake up refreshed most days and are able to accomplish more.
I’d like to share with you one of my recent learnings. It may be old hat to many of you but to me it’s new and it’s working.

I was inspired by an interview of a successful Indian advertising guru. He said before he gets out of bed each morning he plans what he is going to accomplish that day. The moment your feet hit the ground, he said, your day begins!

This is what I’m trying to do each day, before I get up: Set an intention for the day.

I embrace my day with wide-eyed commitment ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

I find that I have more time and inclination to do what I really want : reflect, walk, talk, read and write. 
I have my off days, of course, but I’m getting there….baby-steps in the direction of living a life of intention.
Would this simple exercise of setting your intention before your feet hit the ground work for you? Are you doing something similar? I’d love to hear from you.

May you be inspired – everyday!

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