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Daily Health Habits that Strengthen Your Body and Mind

It’s easy to get bogged down in responsibilities and put your health to the side, but every once and a while it’s time to check in and reset your routine. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can affect the body, creating a continuous cycle. Incorporate these healthy habits into your routine to reduce stress and cultivate a healthier body and mind.

daily health habits that strengthen your body and mindGet a Restful Night’s Sleep

It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to sleep. You may stay up late to watch your favorite show, see the next YouTube viral hit, or answer emails, but these small distractions can take a big toll on your overall health. Sleep is one of the most vital parts of our day, yet we neglect it. If these statements ring true, it’s time to rethink your sleep routine. When you sleep, your body repairs itself, your blood pressure drops, your muscles relax, and hormones are released. Without sleep, your body can’t heal itself properly and may start to break down. According to the acne experts at BioClarity, anxiety and depression can cause acne, weight gain, and other physical symptoms that can add even more stress. Rest plays a crucial role in these health issues, and committing to getting better shuteye can make all the difference.

If you need better sleep, avoid your smart device an hour before bed. Blue light emitted from the screen stimulates your brain and inhibits the release of the natural sleep hormone melatonin. Set a time to sleep, and commit to that schedule every day. If you still have trouble sleeping, consider limiting your sugar and caffeine intake, and seek the help of a doctor if problems persist.

Take a Moment to Relax in the Morning

Take a few moments to yourself when you wake up before checking your phone. As soon as you look at your phone, you lose yourself to distraction—email, social media, news, and more. Instead, take a moment and check in on yourself. Think about how you feel, and set an intention for the day. Maybe you need to empower yourself to be more assertive, or have compassion for your friend. Find something to be thankful for, and think of what you can improve. Doing this will give you a much more positive outlook to your day.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

It’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing. To keep your body running at its best, you need to eat breakfast. Eat protein and fat like peanut butter on toast, bacon and eggs, a protein shake, or another balanced meal. If you’re not a fan of breakfast, eat a protein bar that’s low in sugar and has at least 15 grams of protein to begin your day right.

Practice Meditation

Meditation isn’t just for eastern religions. This technique can help you rest your mind and attain a state of consciousness not possible in your normal waking state. When practiced correctly, it calms the mind, lowers blood pressure, and anchors you in the present. The goal of meditation is to use your breathing to let go of thoughts. Whether you’re feeling stressed or you want to unwind, brief meditation sessions will keep you aware and more relaxed. Use an app or hire an instructor to learn how to meditate.


  1. vishalbheeroo vishalbheeroo August 28, 2017

    These are small steps that we can take for well-being and a change in life style is warranted. I need to cut my regular cups of chai in the evening and will try to chuck out the phone one hour before sleeping. I am also trying to practice mindfulness and state of awareness. Already, yoga is helping me a great deal, Corinne.

  2. BellyBytes BellyBytes August 25, 2017

    I don’t exactly understand what meditation really is. I’ve tried many times to keep my mind free of all thought but they just creep in and completely distract me….

  3. I loved all the tips. Sleep is vital .I am a disaster without my 8 hours .I love sleeping .Meditation I am incorporating slowly in my life .It’s a wonderful way to find your centre .Liked reading this

  4. Balaka Balaka August 25, 2017

    I am going to share this post with my husband. This is such an important post. Even I am guilty of checking mobile phone before going to bed. I am trying hard to de-addict myself from mobiles but quite difficult to do.

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