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Dreams do come true

“That dreams come true is the biggest surprise ever,” says Freida Pinto, the new darling of Hollywood. I can only respond to that with that wonderful quote from John Updike that says, “Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them“.
I loved listening to Kate Winslet‘s speech when she received her Oscar: “I’d be lying if I hadn’t made a version of this speech before, I think I was probably eight years old and staring into the bathroom mirror. And this (holding up her statuette) would’ve been a shampoo bottle. “Well, it’s not a shampoo bottle now! “
Which of us hasn’t played make-believe like Kate? Depending on what our dream was, we’ve played teachers, pilots, singers, soldiers, firemen (is it fireperson’s now?) and a host of other things. We’ve played at being a wife, mother, husband, father…….Which little girl hasn’t walked about in her mother’s shoes, dreaming of the days when she’d be all grown up?
But does it seem that only a few of us get to have our dreams come true? That may be true, only because many of us don’t believe in the power of our own dreams. If you have unfulfilled dreams, something that you’ve really longed for most of your life, but now have given up, I’ve got news for you : Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new possibilities waiting to be born. (Dale Turner).
This is something I believe in very firmly. I’ve watched many of my dreams come true and know that the unfulfilled ones too will come true, in time.
How do you go about making your dreams, a reality? Here’s my list of 7 steps to make your dreams come true:
1. Visualize – Use your imagination to paint a mental image of your desire. Let’s say you dream of taking a world tour some day. Imagine yourself in all those places you want to visit. For example, ‘feel’ the snow as you ski down the Alps! Visualization is an important first step towards actualizing your dreams.
2. Recall – You need to nurture this image you have created in your imagination. You need to consciously recall this image of your desire to mind. Perhaps, a good idea is to surround yourself with pictures of all the places you want to visit. Every so often, take a hard look at these pictures, close your eyes and visualize yourself in those places.
3. Eliminate – get rid of negative thoughts and words. Don’t say, for example, “I’d love to travel around the world, but I’ll never be able to afford it.” Stop at the first part, “I’d love to travel around the world.”
4. Act – get real. Ask yourself, ‘What can I do today that will take me closer to making my dream a reality?” If you want that world tour, do you really need that pair of branded sunglasses? If you want to be in a good ‘special’ relationship, are you willing to give up spending loads of time with your drinking pals ? If you want a dream job, are you equipping yourself by learning the skills you need for it?
5. Be grateful – for all the positive things in your life. Spend a few moments each day giving thanks for all you have already. For example, while you’re taking a shower, send out gratitude for the sheer pleasure of water on your skin.
6. Be(a)ware – of your own resistance. Most often we ourselves are the number one cause for unrealized dreams. We put up barriers to our own growth. We’re afraid to spread our wings to fly. When our dreams don’t come true, we’re quite happy to blame other people, but don’t realize that the problem is most often within. Talking about overcoming resistance, Nick Williams says,: “Resistance is the unconscious force through which you self-sabotage, defeat yourself, talk yourself out of your brilliant ideas and by which you don’t follow through to become what you are.”
7. Let Go(d) – Once you’ve taken these steps and worked on yourself internally, let God take care of the externals. You’ll be surprised by the ‘miracles’ that come your way, once you are ‘tuned in’.
Good luck with your dreams, may you desire with all your heart to make them come true.



  1. Angela Angela July 14, 2009

    That is really great advice to make dreams come true. I have read alot of airy fairy mind stuff like just visualize but I agree with your step four, that we have to actually take physical action to get there otherwise its just a day dream and sometimes the goal can seem so far away but if we just do a little bit each and every day we get there eventually.

  2. Everything Counts Everything Counts July 11, 2009

    Really beautiful piece of writing and very motivational. Keep up the good work and thanks for such a nice blog.

  3. Mallugirl Mallugirl March 16, 2009

    corinne, u have a truly beautiful blog.. i came here and just spent time reading bits and pieces of ur old posts.:)

  4. Balvinder Singh Balvinder Singh March 1, 2009

    Very well brought out Corinne. You have so logically explained the steps to realise one’s dreams. Thanks for visiting my blog. yes i got commissioned in 1978 and reported at the Dogra cenrte in Oct ’78 and Col Babbar was the Centre Commandant. His soft and husky but heavily toned voice in which he used to speak, (or i will call it whisper) still echos in my ears. Corinne , any relations with General Rodrigues? I served under him in Ladakh in 1983-84. Nice meeting you in the blogworld. Keep in touch. I have written my next post on Nagaland.

  5. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues March 1, 2009

    @Indy – thanks – yes, without dreams we are nothing. Sorry about the comments playing Houdini…they’re both back!@Sally – am glad you liked it…when are you starting your blog@Demigoddess – I didn’t mean to sound simplistic – it’s hard work alright but worth it…….@ Solilo – yes, Resul spoke very meaningfully too…@ Raja – coming by your blog to read …….

  6. Raja Swaminathan Raja Swaminathan February 28, 2009

    Excellent, Corinne. As usual.Indeed following one’s dreams instead of allowing oneself to get sucked into the drudgery of day-to-day existence, that is a real challenge for most people in this world.Co-incidentally this is also something I have discussed in my blog recently.

  7. Solilo Solilo February 28, 2009

    Beautifully written Corrine. I liked Kate’s speech and also Resool Pookutty’s. I believe in the quote from Alchemist.

  8. The Demigoddess The Demigoddess February 27, 2009

    The seven steps do seem simple and straightforward, though they’re definitely more difficult than they look. This is very inspiring Corrine. Thanks for posting.

  9. sally sally February 27, 2009

    Nice one corrine…on a day when I was feeling like, thats it…nothing more to achieve…well written!!

  10. Indyeah Indyeah February 27, 2009

    “Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them”.Arre I left a comment here:(It dsprd!:(I will say it again:)I loved this post Corrine:))a lot!Because dreaming is believing to twist an old saying:)And only those who dream achieve them..:)I loved the quote at the end,”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of thier dreams”Beautiful!:)I loved the steps you have underlined to achieve them…Visualising them is so important isnt it?:)simple faith is all it takes..:)Thank you for sharing these words:)some of us forget that we indeed can dream:)((hugs))love

  11. Indyeah Indyeah February 27, 2009

    “Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them”.That is so ,so true Corrine:)absolutely love this post:)Dreams are the foundation of our life and all that we are arent they?And all the steps that you have underlined to make our dreams come true are so important…:)yes,visualising them is the first step indeed:)simple faith is all it takes…I loved the quote at the end,”the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”:))((Hugs))this post I loved:)and it inspires…

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