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Dreams Do Come True Inspired Entrepreneurs

I decided to make my last post, Dreams Do Come True, into a series. From time to time I will feature some dreamers I know and admire. Here’s the first in that series:
In my post on Discovering the Work You Were Born To Do I mentioned Nick Williams. Nick has a website called Inspired Entrepreneur which reminds me of my two friends, Leo and Queenie Fernandes.


I first met Leo (who I mentioned in my post ‘A Sense of Wonder’)  on Ryze when he was working in the US, having recently finished his MBA. Leo was still debating whether he should stay on in the US or come back to India. I think all his questions ended when he met his future wife,     Queenie, who was in the UK. Queenie was working on her doctoral studies. As they dreamed of a future together, they also dreamed of coming home to Goa and setting up their own business.

Here’s a couple who didn’t waste any time in following their hearts. Both of them are extremely well-read and it’s clear that books are their passion. Their first venture was The Dogears Bookshop, an online book store dedicated to the trade of used books and audiovisuals. And then came Cinnamon Teal Print & Publishing  – India’s first Print-On-Demand (POD) company. What is POD, you might ask. Here’s what it is in their words:

Print-On-Demand is printing technology that allows a complete book to be printed and bound in a matter of minutes thus making it possible to produce books one or two at a time and delay printing until after the book is ordered.

Here’s why POD is fantastic. You
-publish your own novel or book of poems and distribute it among friends
-have your say in both content and design
-rid yourself of worries about large printing costs and unsold copies
-rest assured that your book will never ever run out of print
-set your own price and receive handsome royalties on each sale
-address niche audiences with your book
-bring your book to market almost immediately
-customize every single copy you sell

Besides print-on-demand, Cinnamon Teal also offers editorial, translation, design and marketing services for individuals and institutions that wish to self-publish. Cinnamon Teal now has customers around the globe, in nine other countries besides India!

Dreams do come true, ask Queenie and Leo!

Here are some possible uses of Print-On-Demand (some really exciting stuff!)
a. Translation of works from regional languages to English and vice-versa
b. Books with (limited) regional appeal, for reaching new markets with new and niche content
c. Publication of out-of-copyright works that are difficult to obtain
d. Personalized gifts for your loved ones e.g. a smartly-produced collection of your Dad’s poems
e. An album to preserve and showcase cherished photos and mementos
f. Customized/personalized business presentations
g. An easy way for publishers to ensure that books remain “in-print” without having to invest in costly inventory
h. Publication of theses by graduate students
i. Bound manuscripts that novelists could use to show agents and editors.
j. Compilations – of recipes, essays, weekly columns, short stories or poems.


  1. Raja Swaminathan Raja Swaminathan March 5, 2009

    Fantastic theme – and a very good example to kick it off too.I am sure your series will motivate and inspire quite a few people to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams.Your site is really a fantastic place for me to visit, Corinne. I get a lot of gyaan for sure. And since I visit everyday (or try to at least), it is everyday gyaan for me. 🙂

  2. mommytoalot mommytoalot March 3, 2009

    Great post ..!!I love PODxo

  3. The Demigoddess The Demigoddess March 2, 2009

    Hi Corrine,There are many talented writers who don’t get a chance at being published by major companies. POD/Self-publishing is a great way to empower writers to get their work printed and distributed. Your Dreams Come True series is an awesome idea. I love it.

  4. Indyeah Indyeah March 2, 2009

    Yayy! a series:))Dreams is a lovely theme then:)the pod idea is so cool and awesome that it gives the writer/author so many choices..:)I had no idea about pod.thanks for sharing:)and *sigh* @ Leo and Queenie’s story))

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