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Embrace Your Blessings

Today I think of all the blessings in my life that go unrecognized
The things I take for granted
The blessings I fail to embrace….
The flowers outside my window
Being woken up by a big dog that only wants a cuddle
The unused (by me) park just a minute away
The fantastic breeze I don’t enjoy because I don’t step out every morning
The laughter I miss because I’ve not connected with some friends in a while
The joy I miss because I’ve not painted for some days
The peace I am missing out on because I’ve not been writing my morning pages for a few days
The health I’m missing out on
Moments ticking by.
Hours wasted.
Blessings not embraced.

Today, I remind myself

“Embrace your blessings.”


I’ve led such a little life. And even that will be over pretty soon. I have allowed myself to lead this little life, when inside me there was so much more. And it’s all gone unused. And now it never will be. Why do we get all this life if we don’t ever use it?
From the movie Shirley Valentine

embrace your blessings

I leave you with this delightful clip of a couple who don’t believe in wasting time and opportunities to embrace their blessings! Enjoy!






  1. Lata Lata July 11, 2015

    Sometimes, you just need to go with the flow and not worry too much about what you are missing out on. This is especially true of people who have to shoulder financial and family responsibility. Life demands sacrifices, no?
    Lata recently posted..Krabi: The Sword of PeaceMy Profile

  2. Leanne Leanne July 10, 2015

    It’s true that there are so many blessings when we take the time to look around and appreciate them. Great post ~ Leanne
    Leanne recently an uncluttered lifeMy Profile

  3. Stacey Gannett Stacey Gannett July 10, 2015

    What an amazing post! I do so try to count all of my blessings everyday, because we can sometimes get so caught up in our busy crazy lives. Thanks for such a beautiful reminder…and I just adore that video. Have an amazing week!
    Stacey Gannett recently posted..Absolutely Absurd!My Profile

  4. Debra Eve Debra Eve July 10, 2015

    Corinne, thanks for you comment over at my blog! With a blog name like “Everyday Gyaan” I had to rush over here to see what you’re doing, since that’s my life philosoph. Love your story! My mother-in-law is from Bandra, now living in London where my husband was born. She, too, has an unusual name :). So glad to meet you!
    Debra Eve recently posted..Beatrix Potter: Her Life Beyond Mushrooms and Talking BunniesMy Profile

  5. Amy Amy July 10, 2015

    Beautiful, Corinne! Such a nice idea for a post. It’s so important to stop and remember all that we are thankful for.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | July 11, 2015

      Thanks, Amy. Perhaps you’d like to join our Gratitude Circle? We post a Gratitude list on our blogs every last Thursday of the month and have a small group on FB too.
      Corinne Rodrigues recently posted..The Art of Tea AppreciationMy Profile

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