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Find Your Tree #MondayMusings

When I first heard of Julia Butterfly Hill I was fascinated by her story. A child of a travelling preacher, she spent her childhood in various campsites, learning to love Nature. However, it wasn’t until, at age 22 after a near fatal accident, that she discovered the cause of environment. As she said in interviews:

As I recovered, I realized that my whole life had been out of balance…I had graduated high school at 16, and had been working nonstop since then, first as a waitress, then as a restaurant manager. I had been obsessed by my career, success, and material things. The crash woke me up to the importance of the moment, and doing whatever I could to make a positive impact on the future.The steering wheel in my head, both figuratively and literally, steered me in a new direction in my life.

Volunteering to work with fundraisers protesting to save the redwood forests in California, in 197, Hill was selected to stay on a tree for a week. She climbed on that luna tree and lived on two 6-by-6-foot platforms for 738 (two years and eight days) weathering freezing rain and the onslaught of the El Nino winds! She faced all manner of harassment from the stooges of the lumber bosses, but she stayed until a satisfactory agreement was reached to preserve the trees.

Find Your Tree

While she continues to be an activist, Hill is now a motivational speaker, urging people to follow their passion and harness their energies to make the world a better place. Watch this video to see what she says:

Julia’s project ‘What’s Your Tree?‘ urges people to

  • Find a sense of purpose
  • Connect with community
  • Take inspired action

“Each and every one of us is more powerful than we could ever imagine. We are so often just a thought away from having a magical life beyond belief. We are each ancestors of the future, contributing to the vitality and well being of all those with whom we share this beautiful, Sacred life. What do we want our legacy to be? ” – Julia Butterfly Hill


Today, I’d like to reflect on what my tree is and what I will do to preserve it.

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  1. […] within yourself to make it through. Believe in your own beauty, in your own strength, in your own purpose. You have an important role to play in this world – and even if you are not sure of it at […]

  2. Esha Dutta Esha Dutta January 20, 2016

    Very thought-provoking post, Corinne! What a wonderful idea, comparing oneself to a tree…great starting point for many of us.

  3. Payal Agarwal Payal Agarwal January 20, 2016

    Truly inspiring. I believe,the worst circumstances break us open and guide us to our purpose. We need to stay open. 🙂
    Payal Agarwal recently posted..Dear Diary #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  4. Shalini Shalini January 19, 2016

    My Wi-Fi decided to take a break yesterday. 🙁
    But, what an inspiring post! It is difficult to find one’s purpose in life. I wish I find mine sooner or later.

  5. Ira Ira January 19, 2016

    I guess it is not tough finding a purpose but living with it with all soul and heart is tough. Kudos to her. It is an inspiration for often we leave things midway whatever be the reason.
    Ira recently posted..AttitudeMy Profile

  6. Damien Damien January 19, 2016

    I found this story inspiring. We forget that things like National Parks were not always there for us but rather through the efforts of visionaries that went before us.

  7. Vishal Bheeroo Vishal Bheeroo January 19, 2016

    Her quotes rings in optimism. No matter how much we hate pain, it defines our lives and I am sure one day we will be thankful.

  8. Mary Hill Mary Hill January 18, 2016

    I remember reading her book and articles about her when I was compiling my book the environment for Gale. I didn’t use her excerpts because she would not agree unless the publisher could guarantee that the book was printed on recycled paper. She is true to her cause. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Kathy Kathy January 18, 2016

    Very inspiring. It amazes me how the lowest times of our lives inspire us to greatness and to better understanding more than anything else.

  10. Carol Cassara Carol Cassara January 18, 2016

    She is an amazing woman. I first learned of her years ago and thought, now here’s a woman who lives her values.

  11. T.O. Weller T.O. Weller January 18, 2016

    Corinne, that quote is so powerful! Thank you for sharing a truly inspiring story … today, I will try to recite the words, “I am just a thought away from having a magical life beyond belief.” So beautiful. Thank you!
    T.O. Weller recently posted..How to Blast Barrier ThinkingMy Profile

  12. Shirley Corder Shirley Corder January 18, 2016

    The trauma of cancer moved me from being an RN to being a published author. The first book I had published was a book of meditations based on my experiences during cancer. My surgeon anticipated my life expectancy to be less than a year. I’m still here. That was in 1997! I’m grateful for all I went through because it showed me there was more to life than I was living.

  13. Vasantha Vivek Vasantha Vivek January 18, 2016

    Still I am looking on the purpose of my life. But it keeps on moving. Wonderful post, Corinne.

  14. anks anks January 18, 2016

    I am absolutely clueless about my purpose… does living a happy life make the cut? Perhaps not… at this point, clueless as I am about what I want to do in life, talking about my purpose throws me off balance!`

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | January 18, 2016

      I’m sure that living a happy life does count – if you’re happy you make others around you happy too, no? Don’t worry. Trust in the Universe – it speaks louder than we realize!
      Corinne Rodrigues recently posted..When Enough Is Enough #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  15. Shilpa Garg Shilpa Garg January 18, 2016

    The lessons that we learn from the challenges and trying times that life throws are way are the best lessons. The learnings are so big and profound. Julia’s Find your tree is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Corinne 🙂

  16. nabanita nabanita January 18, 2016

    One event can throw so much light or show life in a new perspective, no? I remember reading about another such inspiring person on your blog some time ago..Yes, I think it is so important to find a purpose and do something for the community, the world at large

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | January 18, 2016

      Yes, it’s amazing how we can also allow pain to move us out of our comfort zones and take on something we’ve been afraid of doing.

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