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Half Empty Or Half Full?

It sometimes becomes a habit to continuously look back on our lives and wonder if we’ve made the right choices. “Would I have been happier if I had chosen this area of study, that job, this partner, that house?”  Often, we long for the past in which we imagine we were happier.

It’s also a habit that when we’re presented with a choice, we begin to wonder which one will bring us more happiness. “This job will guarantee me a huge salary, a better lifestyle, better facilities for my children?” or “Let’s buy a bigger house in a better locality so we can interact with more successful people…… which will ultimately lead to our happiness.”  We long for a future full of happiness.

I recall the story of a man who chased by tigers scurried down a vine that was hanging at the edge of a cliff. As he looked down he realized that there were two tigers below waiting to pounce on him. He couldn’t move backward or forward. Suddenly he noticed a ripe, red strawberry growing on the cliff near him. Smiling, he reached out, grabbed the fruit and enjoyed the sweetest strawberry ever!

We keep looking at that proverbial glass and asking whether it’s half full or half-empty. In actual fact. the glass is both half full and half empty, don’t you think?

If only we would, like the man who chose the strawberry,  get on with life and seize every opportunity to love, learn and grow. If only we would choose the present moment – and not worry about that d**** glass!

May you be inspired – every day!



  1. Myrna Myrna June 16, 2012

    So true Corinne.  Let’ s all eat our strawberry’s.

  2. Myrna Myrna June 16, 2012

    You’re so right Corinne.  For today, at least, I’ll do my best to eat the strawberry.

  3. styler1 styler1 June 16, 2012

    I really like that parable. That’s a good one foe me. I have to rememer to relish a strawberry every day.

  4. privytrifles privytrifles June 16, 2012

    A wonderful post Corinne, I agree many times the questions would have could have should have steal the charm from the beautiful things we are surrounded with. We dont even notice the blessings God showers on us as we are busy praying about something that we have set our heart on.

  5. Lazy Pineapple Lazy Pineapple June 16, 2012

    Yes all of us do..keep weighing options and going back in the past. But I feel sometimes going back in the past is not always bad…it is important to learn from our mistakes and remember the lesson so that we don’t make them all over again.

    • BhavanaNissimaUpadhyaya BhavanaNissimaUpadhyaya June 16, 2012

       @Lazy Pineapple Same here–there is much to be learnt from what went by else so many wasted moment. But yes, one is fully present in this moment–what need is there to learn–we are perfect at that moment!

  6. MelissaTandoc MelissaTandoc June 16, 2012

    It’s somewhat related to your earlier post and I just felt I had to pause for a moment before responding to this.
    There were many times when I’d go back to the past, esp. on those unresolved moments that I’ve had…and I’d think of ways on how I could have possibly done better and at the same time, God allows me to see the ‘reasons’ why I have decided to take another course instead…
    I think we could go on with much joy in our present lives if we have learned to accept our past…then we will not keep looking at it and wishing this nor that…
    Sending you a message in FB :*

  7. marthaorlando marthaorlando June 15, 2012

    Love this reflection, Corinne!  Yes, longing for the past or wishing for the future are such futile actions.  To truly live, we must seize the moment right there in front of us.  Thanks for this inspiration!

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 16, 2012

       @marthaorlando Siezing the moment is what it’s all about, though it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? But I’m trying, Martha and it feels good.

  8. femmefrugality femmefrugality June 15, 2012

    So true!  Living in the moment is the key to not letting life pass us by.  We might have had  a different life if we had made different choices in our past, but there’s no way to tell if we’d be happier.  Happiness is something we have control over every moment of our life.  It’s a hard thing to work at, but it does require work, regardless of our circumstances.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 16, 2012

       @femmefrugality  Happiness is something we have control over every moment of our life – that’s a very powerful idea and one that I’m realizing the truth of more and more. 

  9. schulmanlinda schulmanlinda June 15, 2012

    Very inspiring post! I will surely take it to heart today. Thank you!
    I have always been a half full kind of gal. I’m very grateful for that.

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 16, 2012

       @schulmanlinda Thank you. Yes, being positive is a gift but more importantly it’s also a choice!

  10. Ruchira Ruchira June 15, 2012

    I agree, sometimes we analyze and over analyze our situations and  brood to much about what could have been. And in the process we don’t enjoy what we have right now ! 

    • CorinneRodrigues CorinneRodrigues June 16, 2012

       @Ruchira  Over-analyzing  was something I used to be very good at. Thankfully, I’m getting over it. 

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