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Having A Low Day?

Are you having a low day? I was last week and I had no idea what it was all about. I worked myself into bad mood – every little thing irritated me, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Strangely, it was on a day off from work that this happened. I spurned my husband’s efforts to talk about it and wanted to wallow in the feeling.

Are you having a low day?

There are various reasons for feeling low – anxiety, lack of sleep, the onset of the ‘flu or even more serious causes like low blood sugar, depression, etc. So if you are having a series of low days, I’d advise you to seek professional help.

But my low day was just a passing one. Towards the evening, after walking the dogs I felt better. As I reflected on why I had felt that way, I realized it was because I was putting pressure on myself to complete some tasks and they didn’t seem to be getting done. Old baggage caused me to feel irritated, guilty, and out of control.

The simple ways I treat a low day are:

1. Ride through it

I allow myself to wallow in the feeling. Rather than pretend that all is okay, I acknowledge how I am feeling. Most times, I’ll let my husband know, so he’ll realize that my cribbing or nagging really has nothing to do with him! I am confident that I’ll snap out of the feeling before the

2. Rest, read and sleep

Often I realize that too many late nights (caused by the need to finish a book!) result in me being irritable. So I allow myself to nap during the day or just lie down and read a book. Or catch a movie/ series on Amazon Prime.

3. Spend a few minutes in reflection

As much as I allow myself to wallow, I can’t stay irritable or bad-tempered for a long time. I reflect on what’s causing the problem and attempt to work through it.

4. Do a gr-attitude check

A few minutes spent in giving thanks for all I have and being grateful for the low feeling as well, helps me to snap out off the funk really fast.

How do you handle having a low day?

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  1. kalaravi16 kalaravi16 August 1, 2019

    I know all about low days! Been going through a longish phase now. Sleep, diet and exercise all contribute to how good or bad we feel through the day. For me, getting good Z’s is the biggest challenge. On low days, I tend to take up some art project and psst….some retail therapy!

  2. the bespectacled mother the bespectacled mother July 30, 2019

    A bad day happens does happen once in a while for me and I know my reasons behind it which are the same as you have mentioned – a bad night’s sleep, pressure of work or chores on the mind and the resultant anxiety. Stepping out of the house makes me feel better in case of pressure and anxiety and getting some sleep during the day helps if it is due to lack of sleep. Taking the day off from cooking always works wonders for me.

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