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Inspiration in your mailbox

Yesterday I wrote about the gift of friends met through the internet. Today I want to share about the other wonderful gift I’ve experienced through the internet – getting a daily dose of inspiration in my mailbox from the many sites that are out there. A few of my favorites are:

1. Power Lines for Women – A work in progress – a quote everyday.

2. My Daily Insights – A wonderful quote everyday and a meaningful story every Friday.

3. Alan Cohen’s Website – Free daily inspirational quotes and a monthly newsletter.

4. WOW 4 U Newsletter – Free inspirational newsletter mailed every Monday.

5. Nick William’s Inspired Entrepreneur – A free e-course – you can read more about it in my post on the subject of ‘Discovering the Work You Were Born to Do’.

Having shared all this, I firmly believe that each of us is called to be an inspiration to others. I have therefore, started a Google Group called Everyday Gyaan. Please feel free to join and be the inspiration you seek!


  1. The Solitary Writer. The Solitary Writer. November 26, 2008

    thanks for sharing this….will join ur group for sure….will come back again to read other postswww.thesolitarywriter.blogspot.comand congrats on ur awards 🙂

  2. BedsideTalesMan BedsideTalesMan November 25, 2008

    Thanks for that! We all need to reflect a bit and think of others and how we affect people around us.Love your blog.If you can…visit mine and let me know what you think.

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