Several hundreds of bloggers around the world, me included, are gearing up for a yearly blogging challenge – Blogging From A To Z Challenge in April 2014.

What is this challenge all about? In March 2010, Arlee Bird, who writes at Tossing It Out issued a challenge to his blogger friends to blog on a topics from A to Z in the month of April. So you start on April 1 with ‘A’ and then go on the next day to blog on a topic starting with the letter ‘B’ and so on. 26 blog posts in April. No blogging on Sundays – the only exception being if April 1 is a Sunday.

I don’t think even Arlee realized what he was starting. The challenge has taken on epic proportions with the number of bloggers increasing each year. This year the list of bloggers signed up is 700 and counting.

Last year, José, Pablo and I attempted to do the challenge together on our blog From 7Eight and it was an absolutely fun experience. Lots of last minute planning, looking for appropriate topics for the letters of the alphabet – ‘X’ always being a challenge, writing, sharing, reading others blogs etc.  It was challenging, but fun!

To make commenting and sharing easier, I created a Facebook Group and we experienced a lot of camaraderie sharing and encouraging one another. I wrote my reflections on the A to Z April 2013 Challenge and  was honoured when Arlee Bird asked me to talk about this experience on the A to Z Blog! Here’s my post on Building Communities via the A to Z challenge.

What many people don’t know is that Write Tribe was born out of the A to Z challenge! Now less than a year later, it’s quite a popular blog for bloggers, primarily in India, seeking blogging inspiration. Thank you, to the A to Z creator and co-hosts for that.

This year, I signed up early for the A to Z challenge and will be participating on both Everyday Gyaan and From 7Eight. I was excited to start planning well in advance too.

What I didn’t expect was this: Arlee Bird’s A to Z Challenge Ambassadors 2014. Yes, I’m proud and honoured to be one of Arlee’s Ambassadors for the 2014 Challenge.


On the team with me are some veterans – Tim Brannan, Yvonne Lewis and Judy Raiser and some newbies – Jamie Barone, Doreen McGettigan and Rob Z Tobor. I’m looking forward to working together with these ladies and gents.

I could go on and on about the challenge and how you can make it a fantastic blogging experience, but I’ll keep that for future posts. Instead here’s what I suggest.

  1. Sign up for the challenge today  here.
  2. If you’re looking for support and a place to share your posts, I’ve created a Facebook Group for that. We have 37 members signed in already – all raring to go in April. If you want to join this group – make a request here
  3. To make the Challenge even more interesting, it’s nice to choose a theme for the month. Many of us are already planning our theme and the detailed posts. On of the co-hosts, Damyanthi and her team, have created something special – a Theme Reveal Blogfest. Add your name to the linky to publish your own theme reveal post on your blog on March 21.

So what’s stopping you – go on, you can do it, we’re all in it together! Sign up today! 🙂