Buddha is quoted to have said “There are two fatal errors in life – not finishing and not starting.” I’ve spoken to you about my problem with not finishing what I start.

Today I want to focus on starting.

You can think and dream of a project for a long time. But only when you act does it begin to come into being. If you wait until you are completely ready, or wait until the conditions are perfect – then you will never begin at all. What makes the conditions perfect are the fact that you are starting.

So today, I’m not waiting for perfect conditions. I’m starting.

I’m Taking A Deep Breath Of Life

Plunging in.

Moving ahead with plans and projects without overthinking them.

Daring to follow my heart.

Going after the things I’m passionate about.

Risking, and yet trying to be mindfully aware of what it is I am going after.

Planning to follow through.

To find balance between being and doing.

Not comparing myself to anyone else.

Attempting to be the best I can be.

I am aware that I might fail miserably

And yet know that it is all worth it.

At the end of each day I want to

Sit back and process what I’ve learned

And start over the next day.

“Take a deep breath of life, and consider how it should be lived.” – Man of La Mancha



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