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Do I Have What It Takes?

Some while back I read these words of Henri Nouwen and was deeply struck by them and asked myself, ‘Do I have what it takes?’ :

Our first task is to dispel the vague, murky feelings of discontent and to look critically at how we are living our lives. This requires honesty, courage and trust. We must honestly unmask and courageously confront our many self-deceptive games. We must trust that our honesty and courage will lead us not to despair, but to a new heaven and a new earth.”

I read them once more today and was led to introspect on how authentic my life is…..Do I have the honesty to really examine my motives and behavior? Do I have the courage to make the changes that are necessary to lead a more authentic life? And do I have the trust to know that I am being led towards being the best I can be?

I’m searching within……..

May you be inspired – everyday!


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  1. melissatandoc melissatandoc July 12, 2011

    Mere introspection is different from real self reflection. When we allow God to enter and mirror our lives to His it sheds more light.

    If we just look at ourselves, we might drown in disappointment and this isn’t what God wishes. We should invite Him and allow Him to pour more light to our dark hidden areas and allow Him to heal them and make Himself manifest in them as He always uses everything for our good. 

    Loved it Corinne :*

  2. Brenda Moguez Brenda Moguez July 11, 2011

    It seems to me since reading your words that you do.  I don’t someone would post such lofty thoughts without first considering the ramifications.  It’s like announcing to the world you area going on a diet.  Once you do there is no turning back because everyone will ask you and or remind you when you are about to stick a bar of chocolate into your mouth.  I believe the most you can do is try to live this live a little everyday and if you fall off the wagon one day don’t beat yourself up, simply start again.  It’s a frame of mind that eventually becomes a way of life.

  3. Sonia Rumzi Sonia Rumzi July 11, 2011

    Hugs Corinne, my sister on the other side of the globe. As always on spot! 

  4. Betty Manousos Betty Manousos July 10, 2011

    no, i haven’t, at least for the time being…
    it takes courage to look inside oneself!

    Great quote and post, Corinne, as usual! you’re an endless source of inspiration!!

    wishing a great week ahead!

    betty xx

  5. Bec Owen Bec Owen July 10, 2011

    Yes, it does take courage to look inward, and it takes courage to step out of what is familiar…even when the familiar condition is pain.  But it is so, so worth the effort!

  6. Rimly Bezbarua Rimly Bezbarua July 10, 2011

    i think most of us dont have the courage to look inward into our lives to seek the truth. I try and I also know the reasons for discontent but most times I think I am used to the discontent. We become addicted to pain, without it we are lost. I hope to improve. Thank you Corrine for your pearls of wisdom

  7. Damien Riley Damien Riley July 10, 2011

    Authentic is an interesting adjective. I try to be authentic but what if I discover that I authentically have no ability to help my wife (just an example) or myself in a given situation? Can we be authentically clueless? I would say yes. As shocking as it sounds, I think people online are inauthentic as a rule and necessity. No one wants to hear the whole truth from us. I think as a direction, authenticity is good but as Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage and we are the players.” Great post and food for thought.

  8. Pamanner Pamanner July 10, 2011

    Just what I’ve been pondering and trying to do. . .  Thank-you!  xoxo

  9. Debra Elramey Debra Elramey July 9, 2011

    First, I appreciate the quote by Henri Nouwen, and have
    meditated upon his words today.  How
    timely a message for me, as I’ve contemplated these very thoughts of late –
    particularly this morning.   Have been
    struggling with some issues that led me inward to assess these vague, murky
    feelings of discontent.   Thank you for
    this awesome meditation, which is right on time.  

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