Of late, I’ve become a little intolerant (not a good thing, I know!) of people who are always grumbling about how things are…..The government is no good, too much corruption around, crime is increasing, the media is awful, the internet is not safe, schools are just not good enough…..At any point in time, someone is giving them a hard time – their partners, their children, their parents, their in-laws, their employers, or employees….And they seem to revel in telling these stories of their pain and misfortune. Funnily enough, they find people who seemingly enjoy listening to such stuff and encourage them to spill it. 
To be honest, I have, in the past, alternated between being the ‘grumbler’ and the ‘listener’. Until, one day, I just gave up on this. 
I’m not suggesting that we  be superhuman in our ability to withstand pain. No, rather I’m suggesting that we put things in perspective. The moment you feel a grumble coming on, you stop yourself, look around and realize that there’s someone else out there whose suffering is much more than yours. That’s enough to get you to stop grumbling and be grateful. 
Neither am I suggesting that that we should be insensitive of other people’s pain. But I do feel we must not encourage people to have a consistently negative mind-set. At some point, it’s our duty to point them in a positive direction or else refuse to participate any more in their grumble fest! 

Blue and Gold
We all need to realize that the world we live in is imperfect – a reflection of our own imperfections. And cursing our fate is not going to change things. We can all strive to become better, we can work to improve the world we live. 

We can work towards changing our world – but first, we must work towards changing our attitude. A positive attitude will make the world a better place for you and me!

May you be inspired – everyday!